Vaccine Information Statements


​Vaccine Information Sta​​tements

​​Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) are produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as 1-page information sheets. They are designed to inform vaccine recipients and their parents or guardians about the benefits and risks of vaccines. Healthcare professionals are required by law to hand VISs out before each vaccine administration. The CDC lists the following provider responsibilities with regard to VIS distribution:

  • Providers must give the appropriate VIS to the recipient or to the recipient's parent or legal representative with each dose of vaccines.
  • Providers must give it before administration of the vaccine.
  • Providers must give it each time vaccine is given (not just with the first dose).
  • Providers must record certain information in the patient's permanent medical record. These include:
    • Vaccine manufacturer,
    • Lot number,
    • Date of administration,
    • Name and business address of the health care professional administering the vaccine,
    • Date that VIS is provided (and VIS publication date),
    • Site (eg, deltoid area), Route (eg, intramuscular) of administration, and
    • Expiration date of the vaccine are also recommended by the AAP.

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