Chapter Quality Network: Immunizations


​Chapter Quality Net​work: Immunizations​

The Division of Chapter Quality Improvement Initiatives facilitates and supports chapter quality improvement projects, including Chapter Quality Network (CQN) learning collaborative.  These projects build chapter capacity to lead improvement efforts with member practices that result in improved care and outcomes at a population level. 

Chapter Quality Network U.S. Immunization Project
The Chapter Quality Network (CQN) is pleased to announce the following six AAP chapters   participating in the Childhood Quality Improvement (QI) Immunizations project underway through February 2018.

The immunization project will focus on improving coverage rates for children 19-35 months and reduce missed opportunities to immunize in practice settings.  This QI collaborative follows the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Breakthrough Series Model.

CQN Immunization Chapter Project Teams:
California-2 Chapter
Executive Director: Tomas Torrices, MD
Physician Lead: Edward Curry, MD, FAAP

California-4 Chapter
Executive Director: Jaime McDonald, MPH
Physician Lead: Eric Ball, MD, FAAP

Georgia Chapter
Executive Director: Rick Ward, CAE
Physician Lead: Dixie Griffin, MD, FAAP, Co-Lead Flavia Rossi, MD, FAAP

New Jersey Chapter
Executive Director: Fran Gallagher, MEd
Physician Lead: P. Rad, MD, FAAP, Physician Advisor Steven Kairys, MD FAAP

New York-2 Chapter
Executive Director: Elie Ward, MSW
Physician Lead: Kenneth Bromberg, MD, FAAP

Oklahoma Chapter
Executive Director: Amy Prentice
Physician Lead: Marnie Dunlap, MD, FAAP

CQN works at the practice, chapter and national levels to improve quality of care and outcomes for children at a population level using evidence-based guidelines. The CQN U.S. Immunization project is supported by an independent grant from Pfizer, Inc.

Have a question regarding the CQN U.S. Immunizations project or a future CQN project topic in mind?  We'd love to hear from you!

CQN U.S. Immunization Project Manager
Kristie Marcelle, MSW



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