AAP Strategic Priority

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AAP Strategic Priority


In response to the growing number of children living in poor and low-income households in the United States, the AAP is addressing “Poverty and Child Health” as a strategic priority. Guided by the AAP Poverty and Child Health Leadership Workgroup, the Academy is implementing activities in the following priority areas:​

  • Messaging and Communications: Raise awareness about the impact of poverty on child health and development and the strategies that work to mitigate the health effects of poverty.

  • Clinical Practice: Support pediatricians to address poverty within their practice and engage parents in the effort.

  • Community Engagement and Partnership: Support pediatricians to identify and collaborate with community partners to address the health impacts of child poverty, and improve population health through program, policy and infrastructure changes.

  • Advocacy and Policy: Advocate for policies at the national, state, and local levels that help lift families out of poverty and that ameliorate the impact of poverty on the health of children.​

Leadership Workgroup Members​

Chair: Andrew D. Racine, MD, PhD, FAAP
Steve Federico, MD, FAAP
Andrew Garner, MD, PhD, FAAP
Benjamin Gitterman, MD, FAAP
Renée Jenkins, MD, FAAP
Katie Plax, MD, FAAP
Barbara Ricks, MD, FAAP
Sarah Jane Schwarzenberg, MD, FAAP
Elizabeth Van Dyne, MD, FAAP
Carole Allen, MD, FAAP, Representative, AAP Board of Directors
Benard Dreyer, MD, FAAP, Liaison, Academic Pediatrics Association​

AAP Staff​

Camille Watson, MS​
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