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​While the types of violence that exist are numerous, the information below addresses those issues most often discussed in the pediatric medical home setting. In no way are these resources exhaustive. Instead, they are meant to provide a starting place for the pediatrician and the medical h​​​ome team to begin addressing exposure to violence with their patients and families. 

The resources are laid out in a consistent pattern for each type of violence. For each topic, you will find:

  • Framing the Question: Some very basic starter questions to help you begin the conversation about the particular topic with the patient or family. Depending on the situation, the questions will be directed toward the parent, while in others they are directed toward the child or adolescent.

  • Actions to Take: Provides some possible next steps if it is determined the child has been exposed to that particular type of violence. Again, this is not an exhaustive list of possible actions, but just key things to consider.

  • Tools to Educate: Provides links to resources that can be provided to educate parents or children on that particular topic. 

  • Related AAP Policy: Provide links to AAP policies that directly address each particular area.

  • Learn More: Provides links to Webinars (recorded) and videos that educate and demonstrate to the pediatrician and medical home team how a variety of issues can be addressed during the patient visit.

  • Additional Tools: For brevity, there are a small number of tools referenced on each page. There are numerous resources, however, from a variety of excellent organizations that address the issue of exposure to violence. A number of these additional resources are listed here, broken down by types of tools and the audience for which they are intended. Let us know if you would like to suggest one.

Advertising Disclaimer

If there are issues not addressed on this site related to exposure to violence, please contact AAP staff at mhcev@aap.org and we will do our best to help get you the information you need.

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