What is the Recommended 1-Day APLS Course Schedule?

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What is the 1-day APLS Course Schedule?

Following is a general description of how the 1-day APLS Course will work. APLS Course Directors who want to conduct the 1-day APLS Course should plan and proceed as follows:

Select the date for the 1-day classroom instruction and announce it to prospective students.

Plan for course implementation according to a timetable similar to that for a 2-day course (with regard to Faculty, facilities, equipment, registration, etc.), keeping in mind that students will need a longer lead time to complete their six prescribed self-study chapters and submit their answers to the Course Director for verification.

Get the course approved in the same manner as the 2-day course.

As students register, communicate with them individually regarding the prescribed self-study. Each student must:

Receive APLS: The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource, Fifth Edition and a copy of the schedule for the 1-day classroom instruction.

Select six chapters from the student resource manual for self-study, and communicate these selections to the Course Director for his/her approval. The chapters selected must be different from the modules that will be covered in the 1-day classroom instruction.

Complete all six chapters and verify completion of the chapters by answering the Check Your Knowledge questions for those chapters at least 2 weeks prior to the 1-day classroom instruction.​

NOTE: When students submit their answers, they will be given the option to e-mail the answers to their Course Directors. Students should then receive verification from their Course Directors that their answers to the Check Your Knowledge questions for the six chapters have been received.​

Following is the schedule for the 1-day classroom instruction portion of the 1-day APLS Course, as recommended by the APLS Steering Committee. It comprises 7.5 hours of education: 4.5 hours presented in Lecture or Small Group Discussion format, 2 hours presented in Skill Station format, and 1 hour for the APLS Course Completion Examination. A printer friendly 1-day schedule can be found on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM or by clicking here.

Day 1 (7.5 hours)​

Pediatric Assessment Lecture45 minutes
Airway Procedures Skill Station60 minutes
Cardiovascular Procedures Skill Station60 minutes
Pediatric Airway in Health and Disease I Lecture45 minutes

Small Group Discussions-the Course Director will divide students into groups to rotate through the following sessions:

Central Nervous System

Medical Emergencies I

Cardiovascular System

45 minutes

45 minutes

45 minutes

Trauma I Lecture45 minutes
APLS Course Completion Examination60 minutes​

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