APLS Course Completion Card

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​​APLS Course Completion Card

The APLS Course is a Continuing Medical Education Course, designed to provide the learner with the latest information in pediatric emergency medicine. It does not certify or license students, nor does it imply their competency. However, many institutions require proof that their staff participate in such education on a regular basis. To meet this need, the APLS Steering Committee has incorporated the APLS Course Completion Card. This wallet-sized card can be issued to individuals who complete the APLS Course and pass the Course Completion Examination with a score of 80% or better.

APLS Course Completion Cards are valid for 4-years. The APLS Steering Committee recommends that all physicians who treat pediatric patients attend an APLS Course once every 4-years.

Just like the APLS Course Completion Examination, the incorporation of the APLS Course Completion Card into an APLS Course is optional and can be done at the discretion of the Course Director. If the Course Director wishes to receive an APLS Course Completion Card for each student with a passing score of 80% or better on the APLS Course Completion Examination, he or she should indicate that in the appropriate section of the course roster when it is submitted. After the course roster is processed, the APLS Course Completion Cards will be sent directly to the Course Director. It is the Course Director's responsibility to sign and forward the cards to the students. There is no charge for APLS Course Completion Cards.​

A sample Course Completion Card can be found on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM or by clicking here.

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