APLS Course Completion Examination

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​APL​S Course Completion Examination

The APLS Course Completion Examination is a 30-item multiple-choice examination that the Course Director will administer at the end of the APLS Course. It includes questions from the student resource manual, so it is important for students to receive their student resource manuals at least 30 days before the course to allow them enough time to read and study the material.

There are two versions of the examination on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM. The Course Director can choose which examination to administer, then print the number of copies he or she needs for each student.

The Course Director will administer and collect completed examinations at the end of the 60-minute session allotted for test-taking, and will grade the examinations onsite. The Course Director has the option of providing remediation to students who do not make a grade of 80% or better. This can be done immediately by administering the other examination (two are provided on the Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM), or by requesting that the student return to complete the examination at a later date. The Course Director will then submit a roster of all students, in turn, APLS Course Completion Cards will be sent to the Course Director, for those students who successfully completed the examination. The Course Director will then sign and mail individual cards to students.​

The inclusion of the APLS Course Completion Examination in the 2-day or 1-day course schedule is optional and is left to the discretion of the Course Director. Please note, however, that the 60 minutes allotted for the examination are included in the 14.5 or 7.5 hours recommended by the APLS Steering Committee for the 2-day or 1-day course. Course Directors who opt not to administer the examination must substitute another 60- minute Lecture, Small Group Discussion, or Skill Station. APLS Course Completion Cards will be made available only for courses that include the APLS Course Completion Examination.​

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