Summary for Busy People

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Summary for Busy People

What Hospital‐based Instructors and Administrators Need to Know about the 7th Edition​​

In spring 2016, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Heart Association (AHA) will release the 7th Edition of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program® (NRP).  The administrative changes are a result of the NRP Strategic Plan, NRP Instructor Survey and Focus Groups, and Instructor Development Task Force recommendations.  The materials and new Database and Learning Management System must be in use by January 1, 2017. 

The NRP Steering Committee has prepared the following summary highlighting major changes for the NRP 7th Edition. 


The NRP has partnered with HealthStream to develop a new NRP Database and Learning Management System. 

7th Edition Database 
The new NRP database will automate many aspects of the administrative portion of NRP.  All NRP 7th edition courses should be recorded within the new database.  

  • ​​Instructors will create course rosters in the database before the course.  Instructors or administrators can register students into the course, or students can search for courses in their area and request to register. 
  • After the course, instructors can quickly confirm if a student passed, failed or did not attend the course before submitting the roster.  After the roster is submitted, students will receive a link to a post‐course evaluation. 
  • Learners will receive their course completion e‐card immediately after they complete the post‐ course evaluation. 
  • NRP cards will be electronic, and stored within each instructor and provider’s database record.   Users can use the system to e‐mail their course completion card to a third party (for example, an employer).   
​​​Learning Management System
  • The NRP Online Instructor Examination, NRP Online Provider Examination, eSimulation, NRP Instructor Renewal Course, and NRP Instructor Candidate Course will all be web‐based and housed within the learning management system. 
  • Institutions that are not HealthStream customers can continue to access NRP materials using their existing Learning Management System and HealthStream Connect. 
​​Existing (6th Edition) Database

NRP 6th Edition cou​​rses can be taught until December 31, 2016.  Any 6th edition courses should be recorded using the existing NRP Course Database, not the new HealthStream Database.  The existing NRP Course Database will close to instructors on February 1, 2017.    



The Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation, 7th Edition has 11 lessons: 
  1. Foundations of Neonatal Resuscitation 
  2. Preparation for Resuscitation 
  3. Initial Steps of Newborn Care 
  4. Positive‐pressure Ventilation 
  5. Alternative Airways: Endotracheal Tubes and Laryngeal Masks 
  6. Chest Compressions 
  7. Medications 
  8. Post‐resuscitation Care 
  9. Resuscitation and Stabilization of Babies Born Preterm 
  10. Special Considerations 
  11. Ethics and Care at the End of Life
​NRP Online Examination 

Beginning with the NRP 7th Edition, there will be separate examinations for NRP Instructors and Providers.  The Instructor Examination will​ include part of the Provider Examination, but will also focus on NRP instructor skills.

NRP eSim
NRP eSim is a new online neonatal resuscitation simulation exercise that will be a required component for achieving NRP provider status and maintaining NRP instructor status with the 7th Edition.  This new methodology will allow learners to practice the NRP steps of resuscitation in a virtual environment.  Everyone will complete an equipment checklist case, followed by two additional cases of their choosing. 

NRP Instructor Toolkit 

  • The NRP Instructor Toolkit is a new requirement for all NRP Instructors and NRP Instructor Candidates.     Benefits of the toolkit include access to instructional resources, continuing education credits, downloadable materials, multimedia, the NRP Online Examination, eSim Cases and the new web‐based NRP Instructor Course. 
  • Beginning in 2017, all NRP Instructors are required to purchase access to the Toolkit before the renewal date on their card.  For example, if your NRP Instructor status expires in April 2017, the Toolkit should be purchased before the end of April 2017. 
  • If an instructor chooses not to maintain their Toolkit access before their expiration date, their instructor status will become inactive. 
  • Instructor Candidates should purchase their Toolkit access when their instructor application has been approved by the AAP.   Candidates must familiarize themselves with the Toolkit content and complete the independent educational requirements for instructor development before participating in mentor‐led provider courses.   


Provider Status  
  • Beginning with the 7th Edition, learners will self‐study the Textbook and complete all 11 Lessons of the course.   There is no longer an option to take selected lessons. 
  • Provider course completion cards will be valid for two years, until the end of the course month.  For example, anyone who passes a course in April would have a valid card through the last day of April 2 years later.   
  • Learners will need to search for instructor‐led courses in the database and pre‐register for the course they plan to attend.   
NRP Instructo​r Status 
  • On January 1, 2017 the NRP Regional Trainer role will be retired.  All Regional Trainers will become Hospital‐based Instructors, and retain their existing expiration date. 
  • Instructor completion cards will be valid for two years, until the end of the month.  For example, if your current renewal date is March 14, 2016, your next renewal is due by March 31, 2018. 
  • After January 1, 2017 all Instructors must purchase access to the NRP Instructor Toolkit when they renew their instructor status. Institutions can purchase Toolkit access for their instructors.  Toolkit access is not transferable or pro‐ratable.  If an instructor leaves the institution, Toolkit access will remain with the instructor.  
​​New Instructor Education   
  • T​he traditional in‐person instructor course facilitated by a Regional Trainer will be replaced with a web‐based instructor course. Education requirements include coteaching 2 courses under the guidance of an instructor mentor.   Steps to becoming an instructor are reflected in the infographic on the right. 
  • All NRP instructors who have taught at least four NRP provider courses can become an instructor mentor.   Instructor mentors are required to affirm an instructor candidate’s application, co‐teach at least two courses with a candidate, and facilitate a “debrief the debriefer” session. 
  • Throughout 2016, instructor candidates may review the NRP instructor DVD and participate in a traditional Regional Trainer led instructor course, or complete the new web‐based instructor course and coteach two courses under the guidance of a mentor.  Beginning in 2017, all instructor education must be completed using 7th Edition requirements 
  • If you will teach 6th edition instructor courses through 2016, plan ahead! The NRP Instructor DVD: An Interactive Tool for the Facilitation of Simulation‐based Learning will no longer be available for purchase by February 2016.   


  • The American Academy of Pediatrics requires NRP Provider Card renewal every 2 years; but, your facility may require more frequent renewal. It is the institution’s responsibility to determine the consequences of allowing NRP Provider status to expire. 
  • Any person who works with newborns is eligible to take an NRP Provider course; however, the course has little relevance for a person who has never seen the birth of a healthy term newborn. 
  • All learners may study, practice, and demonstrate all NRP skills if desired, including intubation and emergency umbilical venous catheter placement. NRP does not certify or ensure competence to perform these skills in an actual resuscitation.  
  • Components of the in‐person NRP Provider course include Performance Skills Stations (optional), Integrated Skills Station (required) and Simulation and Debriefing (required). 
  • The recommended NRP instructor to learner ratio at a Provider course is 1 instructor to 3‐4 learners. 


  • Spring 2016 – Launch of all NRP 7th Edition products, materials, database and learning management system.    
  • October 21, 2016 – NRP Current Issues Seminar in San Francisco, CA  
  • January 1, 2017 – 7th Edition mandatory implementation date and NRP Regional Trainer title retirement.   ​​
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