Instructor Responsibilities
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Instructor Responsibilities

PedFACTs instructors have many important responsibilities to ensure a quality PedFACTs course for students. In addition to knowledge of PedFACTs content and necessary skills, the instructor must do the following:

Facilitate learning—Instructors must teach the course in an engaging manner and make sure that all students actively participate.

Conduct all course lessons and activities—Instructors must make sure that all of the required content and objectives are covered according to the format described in the instructor manual.

Know course content and be proficient in skills--Instructors should be knowledgeable in all course content subjects. They must be able to demonstrate and coach required skills, such as CPR and choking relief.

Evaluate students—Instructors must evaluate students' performance in the skills stations and on the final examination.​

Submit course rosters—After completion of a course, instructors must go online to update the class roster. Indicate students who have successfully completed the course and submit. Once the roster is submitted, students will receive their course completion certificates by email.​

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