Course Completion Requirements

​Course Coordinators

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​Course Completion Requirements

The PEPP Course is a continuing education course that is designed to provide education; it does not certify or license participants. Participants who successfully complete either the BLS or ALS PEPP Course may qualify to receive a PEPP Course Completion Certificate. To qualify to receive this certificate, the student must:

  • Participate in the complete course

  • Complete the pretest (Onsite students only)

  • Complete the precourse modules (Hybrid students only)

  • Pass the final examination​

All students must go online to redeem their access code. Students attending an onsite course will take an online pretest before attending the course. Students enrolled in a hybrid course will participate in nine online modules; upon completion of the modules, they will print out their completion certificate, and bring it with them to the course.​

​How Students Get Their Certificates​

  1. ​​​Students log-on to PEPPsite.

  2. Students enroll in either an onsite or hybrid course taught by an approved Course Coordinator. NOTE: Enrollment in a course requires a valid email address.

  3. Students locate the access code inside the front cover of the PEPP textbook. The access code card contains instructions for redeeming the unique code. ​

    Onsite students:

    • Take the pretest

    • Attend onsite course

    Hybrid students:

    • Participate in 9 online modules

    • Print-out completion certificate and bring it to the onsite course

  4. Course Completion Certificates are sent via email after students have successfully met all course requirements. Each student must provide a valid email address when enrolling in a PEPP Course to receive a Course Completion Certificate.​

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