MOC Frequently Asked Questions

​Maintenance of Certification Frequently Asked Questions

​Typically, AAP members interested in conducting a quality improvement project through the Portfolio Program work within established AAP groups (eg, Sections, Councils) to develop a system for oversight for that project. The AAP group associated with the project is expected to have meaningful involvement during the project’s planning and implementation period. Interested groups should determine their readiness for quality improvement and identify opportunities to build their infrastructure to support quality improvement work. Once ready, groups are encouraged to work with their members to develop meaningful quality improvement initiatives.

If you have further questions, please contact the MOC Portfolio Program

What is the AAP MOC Portfolio Program?

In November 2012, the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) granted the AAP Portfolio Sponsorship status, allowing the AAP to review and approve its own projects for Part 2 and Part 4 Maintenance of Certification. The Quality Cabinet, a group of AAP executive leadership, oversees the AAP MOC Portfolio Program.

Why is the AAP MOC Portfolio Program Valuable?

The portfolio status allows the Academy to more efficiently and effectively conduct quality improvement initiatives that meet the standards for MOC, and identify greater opportunity for collaboration among AAP groups working on quality improvement. Most importantly, it offers AAP members a unique opportunity to generate and participate in member-driven quality improvement projects that will benefit children and also receive MOC credit.

What are the requirements to submit an application through the AAP MOC Portfolio Program?

Projects must:

  • Follow the standards set forth by the ABP
  • Have direct oversight from national AAP
  • Complete an AAP MOC Application form
  • If approved, provide ongoing reports directly to the Quality Cabinet

Additional information is available here.

How do I apply through the AAP MOC Portfolio Program?

To apply through the AAP MOC Portfolio Program, you must complete an AAP MOC Project Application Form, availab​le here​​​. This application is reviewed by the AAP Quality Cabinet.

Are certain aspects of the MOC application more important than others?

The Quality Cabinet reviews the full application and considers all aspects of an application as a whole. Project aim statements, measures, methods/interventions, data collection methods and reporting, completion criteria, oversight by AAP group, and QI education are all areas that should be clearly described in the protocol.

Is there a fee to apply through the AAP MOC Portfolio Program?

No, applying through the AAP MOC Portfolio Program is free.

Do MOC projects require IRB approval?

The Project Leader should determine whether the project has a research component. If it does, appropriate IRB steps should be taken. If the Project Leader obtains IRB from his/her institution, they will need to work with the AAP IRB to obtain Letter of Agreement. The Quality Cabinet can overwrite the determination of the Project Leader if necessary.

Why do projects have to have a system in place to track physician participation?

It is important to have a mechanism to track physician participation so that Project Leaders (and Local Leaders) can accurately attest that the physician met the meaningful participation/completion requirements. Some groups use a spreadsheet to track data collection submitted, attendance at meetings and calls, etc. Your tracking mechanism should be tailored to your meaningful participation requirements.

Can an individual member working on a QI project in his/her practice apply for approval for MOC credit for the project through the AAP MOC Portfolio Program?

No (no oversight)

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