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DART Study

DART [Dialogue Around Respiratory Illness Treatment]

Lead Researcher: Rita Mangione-Smith, MD (Seattle Children's Research Institute)

What Questions will this Study Answer?

  • If we teach pediatricians and nurse practitioners new ways to communicate about antibiotics for respiratory infection, will their antibiotic prescribing decrease?
  • If pediatricians and nurse practitioners communicate differently and/ or prescribe antibiotics less often, will there be a change in parent satisfaction?

Summary of Study Design:

  • Distance-learning quality-improvement intervention
  • Teach pediatricians and nurse practitioners new ways to communicate about antibiotics at ARTI visits
  • Randomized stepped-wedge: sequential rollout over time


  • 12 national PROS practices using the Office Practicum EMR system
  • PROS practices will enroll up to 4,300 parents 

Study Duration:

  • September 2016 – August 2020


  • Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)

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