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Annual Survey of Graduating Residents


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Since 1997, a random sample of third-year pediatric residents is surveyed as they complete their residency training each year.  A new topic, such as training in childhood obesity, is explored each year in addition to collecting core trend data that is now available for over​ 20 years. 

The core survey asks residents about:

  • Demographic characteristics

  • Residency training experiences

  • Career intentions

  • Job search experiences

There have been a number of themes examined on the survey over the years including:

  • ​Training and preparedness to prevent and manage childhood obesity

  • Training and prep​aredness to utilize medical home principle​s

  • Interest in part-time work

  • Preparation in ACGME-required procedures

The AAP is most grateful to residents who generously give of their time to complete the Graduating Resident Survey.

For more information about the Graduating Residents Survey, please contact Mary Pat Frintner: or 630/626-6664.

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