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Graduating Resident Survey - Publications and Presentations


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AAP News Articles​

Study examines factors associated with resident choice to enter hospitalist workforce

Nearly all pediatric residents find job after graduation

Graduating residents' debt levels off, salaries rise modestly​​

Nearly all residents satisfied with training; few satisfied with time devoted to practice management

AAP resident survey marks 20th anniversary

Survey compares job search experiences, backgrounds of U.S., international medical school graduates​ 

Few residents feel prepared to review job contracts, negotiate benefits

Balancing act: Survey explores pediatric residents' stress

Most pediatric residents see no downside to combined programs

Years of survey data from residents allow AAP to track career trends

Global health training, opportunities important to many pediatric residents

AAP survey explores pediatric residents' use of internet technology

AAP survey highlights diverse backgrounds of 2010 graduating pediatric residents 

Survey gauges availability, use of family-friendly benefits during residency

Survey gives demographic snapshot of graduating pediatric residents

Survey looks at trends in pediatric residents' career choices

AAP presents results of surveys of pediatricians, residents

Part-time positions appeal to graduating pediatric residents

AAP Presents research on oral health, well-child visits

Resident work-hour limits paying dividends, study shows

Surveys explore part-time residency, developmental screening

Minority of third-year residents moonlight

Majority of third-year residents sucessful in locating desired jobs


Resident health and wellness and related programs offered during residency

Resident Experiences with the Individualized Curriculum: Current State and Future Opportunities​

Global Health Training in US Pediatric Residency Programs: Results of AAP National Survey

Changing Trends in US Pediatric Residency Training and Interest in Global Health

Graduating Resident Preparation for Select ACGME Reporting Competencies

Graduating Pediatric Resident Training and Comfort with ACGME Required Procedures

Graduating Residents with Hospitalist Positions, 2006-2015

Are Graduating Pediatric Residents Trained and Prepared to Utilize Medical Home Principles?

Aligning Training with Future Practice: Room for Improvement Across All Program Sizes?

Job search experiences of IMGs

Are Graduating Residents Prepared to Engage in Obesity Prevention and Treatment?

Residents' Reports on the Impact of Fatigue in the Past Decade: Impact of Duty Hour Changes

Residents' Reports on the Impact of the 2011 ACGME Standards: Negative Impact for Senior Residents and Patient Care Quality?

Do Mentors Matter in Whether Pediatric Residents Choose Subspecialty Careers?

Mentorship of Residents Destined for Primary Care, Subspecialty, and Hospitalist Careers is Similar: A Surprising Finding?

Combined Pediatric Residency Programs Enhance the Experiences of Categorical Pediatric Residents

Is Balancing Work and Personal Responsibilities Stressful for Residents?​

Does Gender or Marital Status Matter in Job Selection?​​

​Graduating Pediatric Residents With a Hospitalist Position, 2006-2010​

Resident Concern and Experiences with "New" Media

How Frequently do Pediatric Residents use Web 2.0 Technologies?

Pediatric Resident Career Choice

Cross Cultural and Linguistic Appropriate Care: Pediatric Resident Preparedness

Graduating Pediatric Residents: Who Plans to Work in Underserved Areas?

Pediatric Resident Training in Global Health

Resident Debt and Future Career Goals

Family-Friendly Characteristics of Pediatric Residency Programs

Graduating Pediatric Residents ...A Closer Look at Asian Women

Resident Training in Preventive Services

Graduating Pediatric Residents’ Training and Attitudes Vary Across Mental Health Problems

Mental Health Training During Residency Is Associated with Greater Confidence in Mental Health Care

Medico-Legal Education of Pediatric Residents: Are We Doing Any Better?

Oral Health Care Training Among Graduating Pediatric Residents

Multiple Approaches To Increasing Pediatrician Survey Response Rates

Graduating Residents Show Strong Interest in Part-time Employment

Are Pediatric Residents Adequately Instructed in Medico-legal Pediatrics?

Health Literacy Training Among Graduating Categorical Pediatric Residents

Part-time Residency in Pediatrics: Description of Current Practice

Resident Fatigu​e Before and After ACGME Duty Hour Limits

Pediatrician Maldistribution: Pediatric Residents Report the Reasons and Possible Solution

Moonlighting by Pediatric Residents

Pediatric Residents? Research Training and Research Knowledge

Does Residency Size Matter? The Impact of Program Size and Freestanding Children's Hospital Status on Pediatric Residency Training​​

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