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Aligning Quality Measurement

In Spring, 2015, the AAP and ABP convened a diverse group of stakeholders to build and begin working toward a shared agenda for ongoing dialogue, policy, collaborative action, and standardization related to the development, promotion, and implementation of quality health measures that matter for children and families, primary care pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, researchers, and others. 

Executive Summary​ from Aligning Quality Measurement to the Future of Pediatric Practice Summit (March 31-April 1, 2015) 

The AAP, in collaboration with the ABP and other partners, is working to identify clinically relevant pediatric quality measures that can be:

  • Implemented in pediatric primary care and subspecialty practices
  • Shared with payers to help inform payment model decision-making
  • Integrated into ongoing Improvement in Practice (Part IV) MOC efforts.

As these exciting collaborative efforts progress, there will be a variety of opportunities for AAP members to engage and contribute. Please continue to check this web site for updates and more information.

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