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QuIIN: Home to national pediatric improvement networks

The mission of the Quality Improvement Innovation Networks (QuIIN) is to improve the quality and value of care and outcomes for children and families through process improvement in everyday pediatric practice, including the child’s medical home and across the care continuum. QuIIN members also participate by informal assessment that provides practicing pediatrician perspective into evidenced based recommendations and tools for implementation.

Who Should Join QuIIN?
AAP Member physicians who are interested in improving the quality and delivery of pediatric care in a myriad of clinical settings with a commitment to being involved in QuIIN QI activities. A pediatrician who is a member of QuIIN likes being on the cutting-edge of practice innovations. He or she is a clinician who likes to get change started. These clinicians enjoy having a say in what the Academy puts out to its members and are willing to dedicate the time to do so. 

QuIIN Member Benefits:

  • Participate in improvement activities with like-minded colleagues
  • Positively impact the pediatric profession while improving care for children and families
  • Participate in learning opportunities such as conference calls and email lists that highlight innovative practice strategies and improvement methods. The moderated e-mail list is a requirement for physician members in order to inform you of changes, updates, or new activities within the Networks
  • Obtain (and provide) ongoing feedback on innovations


QuIIN is comprised of 2 pediatric quality improvement networks:

Your membership into QuIIN will include communications regarding both of these networks.


Membership is free. 

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