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Practice Improvement Network Projects

QuIIN: Home to national pediatric improvement networks

QuIIN members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of improvement projects of interest to ambulatory, outpatient primary care pediatricians and their staff teams. PIN projects include both formal quality improvement projects, which follow the standards established by the American Board of Pediatrics for Maintenance of Certification Part 4 as well as informal assessment projects that provide practicing pediatrician input into tools and evidence based recommendations.

Who is Eligible to Participate in a PIN Project?
Membership in QuIIN is required to participate in both formal and informal assessment projects. For formal quality improvement projects, QuIIN members may also be requested to invite members of their staff to participate. To be considered for a formal improvement project a QuIIN member will complete a lead physician application at the time of recruitment for a project. Eligibility for informal assessment projects is dependent on criteria for each individual project. To join QuIIN, apply here.

In Progress.

  • Wave 1 & 2 Reducing Diagnostic Errors in Primary Care Pediatrics (Project RedDE!) (Approved for ABP MOC Part 4)
  • Project DIG It – Diagnosis of Intellectual Disabilities and Global Developmental Delays


Approved by the American Board of Pediatrics for Maintenance of Certification Part 4 credit.

Informal Projects not approved for ABP MOC credit

How Do I Find Out About PIN Projects?
As a member of QuIIN you will receive emails regarding upcoming project opportunities for both the PIN and VIP Networks.

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