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QuIIN Member Testimonials

QuIIN: Home to national pediatric improvement networks

Bright Futures Preventive Services Improvement Project (PreSIP)

"Being involved in this project (PreSIP) has changed me as a pediatrician. Although it focuses on children 0-3, it has permeated what I do with all of my patients.I just saw an almost 18 year old and his 19 year old sister. Their dad is a single parent because their mother, who has MS, is in a nursing home. They are poor, but the kids are both planning college, are well physically and have a lot going for them. Because of my participation in the PreSIP project, I am aware of parental strengths in a way I don't think I was before. I called the dad back to the room after the check-ups and just told him what a great job he has done with his teenagers. What great, polite, responsible kids he has raised. It made us BOTH happy!" --Danielle Casher, MD, FAAP

"Our entire practice has now built and put into use, the entire set of Bright Futures well visit forms in an electronic format, 17 months after starting the project. Pre-visit forms for use on our patient portal are built and will soon be put into place. It is wonderful to be at a point that the entire practice is using a standard format for well visits. We have also been working with our local health information exchange to make these templates available as part of the new staging database system-wide. All of this started through our involvement in PreSIP, we are now spreading Bright Futures through our region!" --All Pediatrics

"'Cutting edge of Quality' that is what QuIIN means to ALL PEDIATRICS. The dedicated professional staff of QuIIN is always there helping teams from around the USA put their ideas into action. We learn by our mistakes and from each other and are energized by our pre and post project meetings. ALL PEDIATRICS through our QuIIN membership obtains MOC credit, unites our 3 offices in the common goal of Quality and is a leading advocate for moving the ball forward by sharing our vision with the state agencies. Sheryl Davis RN and I encourage all pediatricians especially members of our Virginia Chapter to join QuIIN in the pursuit of Quality for all children and their families." --Thomas J. Sullivan, MD, FAAP

"This was an ideal opportunity for CMC Myers Park Pediatric Clinic to use a QI framework to improve the clinic's quality of care while simultaneously contributing to nation-wide testing and implementation of best practices. By joining a collaborative, the team was able to share learning with an extensive network for expedited improvement. At end of the project, we surveyed providers of all levels to determine if the initiative 1) had changed their practice 2) had changed their rapport with patients 3) was easy to implement 4) would be maintained in each individual's practice. The results revealed that providers view the changes as an exciting way to engage parents at all visits (sick and well child). These responders also indicate that the changes could be transported to specialized care such as the emergency department. Also, our practice was chosen as a Carolinas Healthcare System Silver Touchstone Award recipient for our participation in PreSIP!" --CMC Myers Park Pediatrics

​"Early in the planning stages of this project, it seemed that implementing Bright Futures would be a daunting task- especially in a large, multi-provider, continuity clinic like ours. We quickly realized that using the Bright Futures guidelines not only enhanced provider focus during well child care, but also ensured the most comprehensive care. We focused on addressing and reinforcing parental strengths which, we think, enriched the way we practice medicine and the relationships we have with our patients. This was an incredible learning experience and has provided a sustainable framework for patient care." - Kasey Scannell, MD, FAAP

Newborn Screen Positive Infant ACTion Project

"(Because of the success of the QuIIN newborn screening project, our practice) saved two infants that both had positive screens and two separate hospitals messed it up. If it had not been for our new and "improved" method of handling the screens, we would have missed it and two infants could have been seriously hurt !!!!! --Ted Abernathy, MD, FAAP
Practicing Safety: A Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Project

"I had no way of knowing that she was depressed by looking at her. Without the tools (from the Practicing Safety project), I may never have picked up on this mother's depression" --Ted Abernathy, MD, FAAP
Safe and Healthy Beginnings Quality Improvement Project

"There are always recommendations about how to improve the quality of care, but pediatricians don't know how to go about doing that. Safe and Healthy Beginnings tells pediatricians exactly how to do the quality improvements. The toolkit materials make that easy." -- Amy Driscoll, MD, FAAP

Improving Hospitalist Compliance with the AAP Bronchiolitis Guideline (B-QIP)

Appearing from left to right: Chickajajur Vijay, MD; Jaime Whitehair, RN; Frank Semple, RN; Brian Ringler, RT and Kamakshya P Patra, MD
"Our experience with B-QIP was outstanding. We were able to decrease the length of stay for the hospitalized children.  We were able to objectively implement all guidelines. This was very well-received from the disciplines. We were able to implement a respiratory score in the workflow.  This was a very well organized QI project. It was the maiden QI project exposure for most of the members of the team. The webinars, workspace resources and the administrative support, input from coaches was excellent. This project opened me to another AAP QI project on smoking cessation and referral.  Also, this project helped me to get AAP Richmond Center Visiting Lectureship Grant." - Kamakshya P. Patra, MD, FAAP, Assistant Professor, Dept of Pediatrics, Section of Hospital Pediatrics, West Virginia University Children's Hospital
"Here at Stormont-Vail HealthCare in Topeka, Kansas, our pediatric service began a local quality initiative to implement the AAP guidelines in 2011. We had made some progress but were somewhat frustrated by the pace of change. When we learned of the B-QIP collaborative project, sponsored by the QuIIN we immediately decided to apply to participate. We are a small, 22 bed pediatric unit with 5.5 FTE pediatric hospitalists. I solicited administration support prior to applying to be included. Our administration has been very supportive from the beginning. When they learned of our participation in a nationwide collaborative they instructed our IT team to give us whatever support we needed. Consequently we have been able to develop the documentation component of the project without significant obstacles. The resources provided by the organizational team of the collaborative have been very valuable. Participation in the B-QIP study has allowed us to make major advancements in our use of the AAP bronchiolitis guidelines. Beyond that it has helped to solidify a quality improvement team and advance quality improvement mentality within our pediatric team”. – Steven Crouch, MD


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