Value in Inpatient Pediatrics (VIP) Network

Value in Inpatient Pediatrics (VIP) Network

  • VIP Network Overview

    The mission of the Value in Inpatient Pediatrics (VIP) Network is to improve the value of care delivered to any pediatric patient in a hospital bed by helping providers implement clinical practice guidelines and other best practices, with a special focus on eliminating harm and waste caused by over utilization.

  • Membership

    AAP Member physicians who are interested in improving the quality and delivery of pediatric care in a myriad of clinical settings with a commitment to being involved in the QI activities offered by the VIP Network.

  • Projects

    VIP projects include both formal quality improvement projects, as well as informal assessment projects that provide practicing pediatrician input into tools and evidence based recommendations.

  • Contact

    If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the VIP Network, please contact: Naji Hattar, Manager, Primary Care & Hospitalist Networks.