Guideline Meeting Structure and Support

Guideline Meeting Structure and Support for Guideline Deliverables

​How the CPG Subcommittee Will Write Key Action Statements (KASs)

One of the primary goals of the first in-person meeting is for the CPG subcommittee to draft Key Action Statements (KASs) based on the evidence that encompass the scope of the guideline and to begin a manuscript and accompanying documents for Pediatrics that will be clear, organized, and understandable to the membership of the AAP. 

Structure and Support Required for the Development and Publication of KASs

 The purpose of the second in-person meeting is to review the initial drafts and to write KASs and evidence profiles using Bridge-Wiz, and the AAP matrix that relates benefit-harms assessment to evidence quality. 

Process and Timeline for Manuscript Development

Sample Project Timeline

Communication with AHRQ-EPC

Once the CPG subcommittee has been chosen and the preliminary literature search has begun, a telephone conference or Webinar of the entire subcommittee will be convened to discuss the scope of the project, review financial and intellectual conflicts of interest, and discuss the key questions used in the systematic review (See Systematic Review and Evidence Aggregation). Additional key questions to complete the scope of the guideline should be discussed and communicated to the AHRQ-EPC and the epidemiologist. There should also be discussions of the preliminary sections of the guideline. Plans for the sequence of activities of the subcommittee should be discussed. 

The Chair and vice Chair should maintain communication with the AHRQ-EPC, if used, and/or the epidemiologist throughout the literature search process. Between the first and second in-person meetings, the section leads, coleaders, and other subcommittee members, as appropriate, will write first drafts of their assigned section(s). The drafts should be based on the evidence as provided by the AHRQ-EPC and/or the epidemiologist and in consultation with the latter. 

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