Topic Solicitation, Prioritization, and Selection

Clinical Practice Guideline Topic Solicitation, Prioritization, and Selection

The first step in the AAP process for the development of a CPG is to identify topics consistent with AAP strategic priorities: topics that are important to the health care system, to pediatricians, and to children and their families.

CPG Topic Solicitation

The AAP Council on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (COQIPS), through the Committee on Guideline Development, solicits intents from all AAP Sections, Councils, Committees, groups, and the AAP Board of Directors (BOD) using a standard guideline topic submission application form and the following criteria: 

  • An established body of published evidence exists on which to base the guideline, or the need to create a structure from which to study a topic

  • Wide variability exists within practice or new evidence supports a significant change to current practice

  • Substantial anticipated impact of clinical recommendations 

    • Number of children or family members impacted by the clinical guidance

    • Number of medical professionals/societies likely to use the clinical recommendations (e.g. Emergency physicians, dentists, oral surgeons, etc).

    • Affects the practice and science of pediatric medicine

    • Addresses public health concern or crisis

    • Addresses major gaps or important quality, safety, and/or cost outcomes in pediatric care

  • Improves ability of pediatric providers to practice medicine

Proposed guideline topics should focus on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or management of a specific condition. In some circumstances, guideline topics may focus on a technology or individual procedure. See the Topic Proposal Intent Form here

Note: CPGs that are 3 years or older and, therefore, up for revision based on the 5-year point of expiration will be considered alongside any new intents for CPGs based on the same criteria noted above. If current guidelines do not rise to the level of prioritization for revision, the COGD will recommend to the full COQIPS Executive Committee that the guideline be retired. 

CPG Prioritization

Applications will be placed into a scoring rubric and weighted by the following factors: 

  1. Connection to the AAP Strategic Plan

  2. The burden of disease and economic impact on the health system

  3. Effectiveness/evidence

  4. Clinical practice variation

  5. Timeliness, patient safety, and patient priorities

  6. Novel methodology

  7. Other social effects/equity

  8. Health promotion and disease prevention

See the Topic Scoring Rubric here

 All members of the COQIPS EC and the Board Policy Committee will review applications and independently score blinded applications.

CPG Selection

When capacity exists to develop CPGs, those approved by the Board Policy Committee will be recommended to the BOD for final approval. If they cannot all be resourced and there are ties, the COQIPS EC will discuss and vote to break the ties and specify the preferred choice(s) for CPGs to develop.  

Once applications are approved by the BOD, the final amount of organizational resources to develop the CPG is determined by AAP leadership, considering the CPG prioritization and selection process and based on the current landscape of activities, strategic direction, and fiscal notes. 

Dispute Resolution: If the BOD disagrees with the COQIPS EC recommendations, then the BOD will meet with COQIPS EC to reach a final decision. 

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