2016 Blueprint

Blueprint for Children: Policy Recommendations for Federal Leaders

In September 2016, the Academy released the Blueprint for Children: How the Next President Can Build a Foundation for a Healthy Future​. As the country prepared to vote for its 45th president, the AAP used the Blueprint to outline its federal policy priorities for the next presidential administration, guiding the federal government on how it can best improve children's health and putting forward a vision for how the president can lay a strong groundwork for the future.

Learn more about how the Blueprint presents specific policy recommendations for the federal government to align its activities to promote:

Healthy Children »

Creating a health care system that is designed to meet all children's needs and eliminate barriers that impede providers from treating the most vulnerable among us.

Secure Families »

Embracing a multi-generation perspective built on awareness of the fact that to promote healthy children, the nation must first support secure families.

Strong Communities »

Ensuring that all children and families are safe in their communities and have equal access to opportunities, regardless of their racial or ethnic background, how much they earn, or where they live.

Leading Nation » 

Ensuring and maintaining child health and well-being as a national priority to demonstrate the United States' commitment to the future.

In addition, the Blueprint details recommendations for 24 federal agencies and departments highlights the Academy's children's health priorities.

In advance of the national midterm elections, learn more about the AAP's federal child health policy achievements and priorities for the future.

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