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Recent SODBP Accomplishments

  • Developed key education for primary care and developmental-behavioral pediatricians
    • Programming at the National Conference and Exhibition
    • Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics intensive course (previously called DB:PREP®)
    • Virtual Office Hours partnership with the Council on Children with Disabilities
  • Successfully advocated for Current Procedural Terminology© (CPT©) codes related to developmental-behavioral pediatric care
  • Provided annual scholarships to the AAP Legislative Conference
  • Promoted chapter integration of developmental-behavioral pediatric activities through chapter grants
  • Developed and reviewed AAP policies
  • Conducted a developmental-behavioral pediatrics workforce survey
  • Led development of the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Manual
  • Collaborated with the AAP Committee on Coding and Nomenclature to train section members on the development and valuation of codes.
  • Established a liaison-relationship with the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (SDBP) to further advocate for the practice of DBP.
  • Conducted a DBP workforce survey resulting in publications and presentations. The results of this survey were promoted to section members, other AAP groups, and the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.
  • Participated in the joint campaign on learning disabilities.

Membership Benefits

Full members of SODBP receive the following benefits:

  • Networking opportunities through the annual business meeting, member discussion board, and other opportunities
  • Voting privileges for section executive committee elections (Affiliates, Residents not eligible to vote)
  • Opportunity to nominate colleagues for the annual awards that recognize contributions to the field of developmental-behavioral pediatrics
  • Access to the bi-annual section newsletter and regular emails with resources and opportunities
  • Contributing to SODBP publications, including SODBP-authored AAP policy, newsletter articles, parent-focused resources, and other publications
  • Access to the members-only website, including resources, opportunities to get involved, and a discussion board
  • Opportunity to participate in section activities and committees
  • Discounted registration and subscription rates for the DB:PREP® Intensive Review Course and PREP® DBPeds Self Assessment
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