Our Vision

All children experience optimal developmental and behavioral (DB) functioning and have access to the DB support services they need to maintain a high quality of life and full engagement in society. Pediatricians are prepared to provide DB care in a medical home with assistance from subspecialists and others who provide DB care.

We believe:

  • All children have the potential for a meaningful life and society must value their needs and rights.
  • Developmental, physical, and behavioral health are intricately linked.
  • DB pediatrics represents a continuum of care from optimizing normal development to addressing and managing developmental and behavioral concerns, disorders, and disabilities.
  • Medical home principles including care coordination, family centered care, and cultural competence guide the provision of DB care.
  • The field of DB care requires a holistic, interdisciplinary approach with all professionals who care for a child.

We aim to improve the care of infants, children, and adolescents by:

  • Providing an educational forum for the discussion of problems and treatments related to growth and development;
  • Stimulating research in, and the teaching of, developmental and behavioral pediatrics;
  • Disseminating knowledge of pediatric growth and development through Academy channels to the medical profession at large.
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