Every year since 2005, the AAP Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT) has implemented an advocacy campaign. The Section's Child Health Workgroup works closely with AAP staff to choose the campaign and to develop the materials and resources. The campaign kicks off at the SOPT Program at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition in the fall each year.

Annual Advocacy Campaign 2023 - 2024:
LAUNCH into Health Literacy

Why does SOPT conduct an annual advocacy campaign?
Every year, the Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT) organizes an advocacy campaign around a topic relevant to children’s health. The campaigns are designed and implemented by the Section’s advocacy campaign chairs, under the guidance of the SOPT Executive Coordinator of Child Health. The campaigns serve to educate medical students, residents, and fellowship trainees about the chosen topic, while introducing them to the many ways the AAP will help them advocate for children over the course of their careers. To accomplish these dual goals:

  1. We guide our members in the development and implementation of advocacy projects using the AAP’s Community Pediatrics Training Initiative curriculum as a guide;
  2. We connect our members with research and advocacy mentors through AAP sections, councils and committees;
  3. We encourage trainees to apply for AAP funding to support their projects;
  4. We involve our members in the review of the Academy’s policies concerning the annual topic;
  5. We encourage our members to write resolutions to influence the Academy’s activities on the annual topic.

By using the annual campaigns as a vehicle to introduce these resources, we hope to encourage a lifetime of involvement in the AAP, and to make advocacy a central tenet of our members’ careers.

Overview of LAUNCH into Health Literacy Campaign

The LAUNCH into Health Literacy Advocacy Campaign aims to promote health literacy and enhance communication skills within the medical community. As medical professionals, effective communication plays a pivotal role in delivering quality patient care, and initiatives like the LAUNCH Campaign are instrumental in supporting us in this endeavor.

A wealth of resources related to the campaign are accessible on the AAP/SOPT Advocacy Campaign website (AAP Login Required). These resources have been meticulously curated to aid in honing communication skills, understanding of health literacy challenges, and implementing best practices in patient interaction. Whether someone is a seasoned practitioner or just beginning their medical journey, there's something valuable for everyone to glean from these resources.

Utilizing these materials enhances a person’s ability to communicate effectively with patients while also contributing to fostering a healthcare environment that prioritizes understanding and empowerment. SOPT leaders encourage members to take advantage of these resources to further their professional development and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The Campaign focuses on 3 facets of health literacy, which are divided into trimesters:

Trimester 1: EDUCATION

  • What is Health Literacy and its subcomponents & how does it affect our patients?
  • Latest health literacy data & current practices
  • Actions:
    • Present the LAUNCH into Health Literacy Introductory Slide Deck to your pediatric interest group or residency program.
    • Select 1-3 actions from the sample list provided to engage in learning and advocating for health literacy in the coming year.
    • Tell us about anything and everything you do to help us measure reach of our campaign and for the chance to win an advocacy award for your school/program!


  • How can we become more effective at communicating with parents/patients with all levels of health literacy?

Trimester 3: POLICY

  • What actions have pediatricians made to increase health literacy?
  • How can we create systematic change to increase health literacy at the personal, institutional, and broader policy levels?

To learn more, visit the SOPT Advocacy Campaign Members-Only page, and check out the SOPT Calendar on the SOPT Members-Only Home Page for events and deadlines (AAP login required). If you would like to get more involved in this campaign, please fill out the SOPT contact us form.

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