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CATCH Grants

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NOTICE: This Grant Competition is now closed. This information is for review only.​​​


CATCH has partnered with the National Dairy Council and the following AAP groups to sponsor Resident and Fellow Grants that address their strategic priorities:

More information about these special grant opportunities appear in the application guidelines below.


Up to $10,000 will be awarded on a competitive basis to individual pediatricians and fellowship trainees to plan innovative community-based child health initiatives that will ensure all children have medical homes, are properly immunized, and have access to health care services not otherwise available in their community.​

  • All pediatricians are eligible to apply regardless of employment setting or retirement status.
  • Outreach must be to the community at large, not to practice or clinic patients only. 
  • All initiatives should incorporate screening for or connecting children to medical homes, immunization services, and available insurance programs.

Planning Grants vs Implementation Grants – How to Choose
​​Planning & Implementation Application Guidelines​ 

Up to $2,000 will be awarded on a competitive basis for pediatric residents to plan and/or implement community-based child health initiatives. Projects must include planning activities or demonstrate completed planning activities, and may include implementation activities.

Eligibility requirement - postgraduate status
PL-1 or PL-2
PL-3 or below in medicine-pediatrics residency
PL-3 if planning a chief resident year in 4th year
PL-4 or below in triple-board residency
PL-3 residents may apply as co-applicants

Resident Application Guidelines
Resident Mentor Requirement 

*International grant opportunities are available through the I-CATCH Program

Chapter CATCH Facilitators and District Resident CATCH Liaisons are available to help you with everything from proposal development to project implementation.

The CATCH Planning, Implementation, and Resident Grants are administered by the AAP CATCH Program and are made possible through the support of Pfizer Inc with additional support from individual donations through the AAP Friends of Children Fund.

Pfizer​​Friends of Children