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Channeling the Collective Voice of Future Pediatricians to #KeepKidsCovered
Molly Markowitz
Rachel Nash

(December 20, 2017

As pediatric trainees, we spend most of our time learning to care for the health of children. With millions of U.S. children in danger of losing access to care through the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP), we're learning the critical importance of stepping outside classrooms, clinics and hospitals to advocate for patients.

On December 12th, 2017, pediatric trainees from across the country came together through a #Rally4Kids photo campaign on social media, to urge Congress to extend CHIP funding. We were inspired to host this event by a group of pediatric residents in California, who were organizing a statewide rally to bring awareness to the importance of CHIP.  It covers children who might otherwise go without health insurance, as their parent makes too much money to be covered by Medicaid but also earns too little to afford other insurance plans.

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