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In celebration of Women in Medicine Month, a series of “AAP Voices” bloggers share their experiences as female pediatricians and the need to nurture wellness, equity and leadership in the profession. 

Marsha D. Raulerson, MEd, MD, FAAP
September 16, 2019

​Having a husband who is a doctor and two young children almost kept me out of medical school. My grades were good, my MCAT score acceptable and I was passionate about my goal to become a pediatrician. But it was the 1970s and I was 32 years old.

I was turned down by six medical schools and was an alternate at my alma mater, the University of Florida College of Medicine, where my husband was the senior fellow in renal medicine. The dean at one med school where I interviewed gave me a hard look and said, “Who do you think you are, waltzing in here at your age with two children thinking you can be a doctor?”

Bridgette L. Jones, MD, MS, FAAP
September 17, 2019

​I have been fortunate to receive meaningful inspiration, encouragement, mentorship, and sponsorship from both men and women from varying medical and scientific backgrounds over my medical career.  Without those who have given freely of their time, wisdom, and academic/scientific currency, I am convinced that I would not have achieved what I have thus far. However, I have never had a close mentor in medicine who looked like me, an African American female.

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