Frequently Asked Questions - Individuals

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When did the new AAP Publications platform launch?

The new platform ( launched on November 8, 2021.

What resources are included in AAP Publications?

  • JOURNALS: Pediatrics®, Pediatrics in Review®, NeoReviews™, AAP Grand Rounds™, and Hospital Pediatrics®.
  • NEWS: AAP News™
  • POINT-OF-CARE SOLUTIONS: Pediatric Care Online™, Red Book® Online, Pediatric Patient Education™, and AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter™, and AAP Toolkits

Will I need to create a new login to enter this site?

No. Current AAP websites utilize the single sign on feature, so your current AAP login for Journals, News, AAP Point-of-Care Solutions, and Books content remains the same.

If I have old sites bookmarked, do they still work after the launch?

Yes, your bookmarks will still work for our individual product pages. Additionally, we encourage you to bookmark the AAP Publications home page ( so you never miss an update to our broad range of current pediatric content.

Whom can I contact if I have a question about access to my subscriptions to Journals, News, AAP Point-of-Care Solutions, and Books?
Click here to fill out our inquiry form.