Stop-HPV: Improving HPV Vaccination Delivery in Pediatric Primary Care

Lead Researchers:     
Peter Szilagyi, MD, MPH (University of California, Los Angeles)
Alexander Fiks, MD, MSCE (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)

What Questions will this Study Answer?

  • Will training pediatricians and nurse practitioners in communication skills, providing them prompts to remind that their patient is eligible for HPV vaccination and feedback on performance:
    • reduce the number of missed opportunities to vaccinate
    • increase HPV vaccination rates? 
  • Is using training, prompts and feedback for HPV vaccination cost effective?

Summary of Study Design

  • Multi-phase randomized control trial
  • Arm 1 practices will receive training in communication skills performance and prompts. Arm 2 practices will be a control group.


  • 44 national PROS practices

Study Duration

  • February 2017-January 2022


  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) - Grant # 1R01CA202261-01A1

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