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The Physician Reentry into the Workforce Project


Physician reentry is defined as
returning to the professional activity/clinical practice
for which one has been trained, certified, or licensed
after an extended period of absence.

The AAP is the home of The Physician Reentry into the Workforce Project, a collaborative endeavor of several organizations that examines the diverse issues encompassed under the rubric of “reentry physicians.”

We invite you to go to the Web site to view resources and materials for physicians, employers, and associations.  Also, find out about the latest developments of The Physician Reentry Project, including the short, free, and informative Webinar:  “Physician Reentry 101.”

Also, visit shopAAP for information on the AAP Physician Reentry Online Portal for Pediatricians (PROPP), an online tool designed especially for pediatricians who are planning on taking a leave from clinical practice or are in the process of reentering clinical practice.




The Physician Reentry Project is supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is directed by the Division of Workforce and Medical Education Policy in collaboration with the AAP Committee on Pediatric Workforce.

Staff Contacts
Holly J. Mulvey, MA

Email the Reentry Project at


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