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What's at Stake?

The #VoteKids campaign urges elected leaders to invest in programs and policies that address these issues and others to keep our children, families and communities safe and healthy.

While the Academy advocates on a number of child health issues, the following topics listed below are especially relevant to this year's election. We encourage you to learn where your candidates stand on the following child health issues:

Access to Care

One of the Academy's advocacy priorities is ensuring all children have access to high-quality, age-appropriate and affordable health insurance. The AAP urges state and federal leaders to protect children's health care coverage and build on the progress made to provide all children with the care they need, when they need it. 

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Example town hall question:

Over 95 percent of children have health insurance in the United States, and studies show that children who have health insurance grow up to lead healthier and more productive lives. How will you continue to build on this trend and ensure access to affordable, high-quality health care for all children, no matter where in the country they live?

Immigrant Child Health

The Academy is dedicated to the health and well-being of all children – no matter where they or their parents were born. AAP will continue to urge for policies that support the health and well-being of immigrant children and families, and oppose the separation of children from their parents and the use of family detention.

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Example town hall question: 

What is your position on the separation of immigrant children from their parents and the use of detention of immigrant children? What will you do to prioritize the well-being of children in immigration policy?

​Firearm Safety

The AAP has been involved for decades in advocacy efforts to prevent firearm-related injuries and deaths. Pediatricians are urging for strong policies to protect children from firearm-related deaths and injuries where they live, learn and play. 

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Example town hall question:

In 2016, there were almost 5,000 children and young adults under age 21 who were killed by guns. How do you plan to protect children from gun-related deaths and injuries?

Learn about ballot measures in your state relevant to children's health

This election, voters will consider more than 150 state initiatives and referenda. Please click here to learn the basics about ballot measures and the topics that are up for consideration.