Election 2016: #VoteKids


​Election 2016: #VoteKids

​Welcome to the American Academy of Pediatrics Get Out the Vote campaign site. Here, you will find resources to help learn what’s at stake for children in the election, learn how and where to register to vote on November 8th, and what you can do to speak up for children at the ballot box.

While children can't vote, pediatricians and others who care for children can. From clinics to state capitals to Congress, the AAP has one message for our elected leaders: put children first. Voting with children in mind is a small act that can make a big difference.​



Prescription to Vote

Pediatricians: give parents an Rx to vote with children in mind on November 8th! Available in English and Spanish​.




Update your social media profile picture with our banner overlay​ to show others that you #VoteKids.​​​​​




Consider writing an op-ed ​to your local newspaper explaining why it is important to #VoteKids in November.​​