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The AAP Immigrant Health Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a network of activity, support, and communication for pediatricians who care for diverse immigrant children.
Members participate in AAP federal advocacy, education, and media activities, and receive regular information about emerging issues. The SIG maintains an active online list-serv and hosts annual meetings at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition.
SIG Co-Chairs: Julie Linton, MD, FAAP and Marsha Griffin, MD, FAAP

Recent Activities

SIG Members in the News

The Toxic Health Effects of Deportation Threat
The Atlantic, Julie Linton, MD, FAAP, January 27, 2017

Pediatricians Speak Out Against Immigration Orders
NBC News, AAP President Fernando Stein, MD, FAAP, January 26, 2017

American Academy of Pediatrics: Protect Immigrant Children
Forbes, Julie Linton, MD, FAAP, January 26, 2017

Researchers identify mental health screening tools, barriers for Latino children
EurekAlert, Tania Caballero, MD, FAAP, Dec 12, 2016

A Smile is a Universal Language: Protecting Refugees and Immigrants in Our Community
AAP Voices Blog, Andrea Green, MD, FAAP, April 2016

Anti-Refugee Rhetoric Denies Immigrant Children the Support They Need
US News and World Report, Julie Linton, MD, FAAP, December 2015

Immigration detention centers are no place for children
Houston Chronicle, AAP President Benard Dreyer, MD, FAAP, December 2015

After a Border Crossing, a Joyous Haven in the South Bronx
New York Times, featuring Alan Shapiro, MD, FAAP, October 22, 2015

Join Us

All AAP members are welcomed to join the Immigrant Health SIG.

If you are a current Council on Community Pediatrics (COCP) member, please email your name and AAP ID number to to join the SIG.

If you are not a current COCP member, please Click here to join, and email your name and AAP ID number to to be added to the Immigrant Health SIG.