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General Pediatrics


Are you thinking about a career in general pediatrics? Even within this primary care field, there is considerable variability in what your career could look like.

The most popular general pediatric practice style is that of a community general pediatrician in a small or large community. Within this setting, pediatricians may choose to have partners (work in an office with other pediatricians) or work as a solo pediatrician (work in your own office where you are the only pediatrician). While these do not typically have learners in their practice, many allow medical students or residents to spend time with them on occasion. To learn more about community pediatrics, please visit the Council on Community Pediatrics Web site or the Community Access to Child Health (CATCH) Web site.

For those with a stronger interest in teaching, working as an academic general pediatrician provides an opportunity to become involved in the administrative aspects of an institution’s medical school or residency program while also working with residents and/or medical students in clinics. These pediatricians are employed in practices that are affiliated with a medical school and/or a pediatric residency program.

Pediatric hospitalists is an increasingly popular general pediatric practice style. Traditionally, general pediatricians have taken care of their patients in both the outpatient setting (in clinic) as well as the inpatient setting (when they are admitted to the hospital). Pediatric hospitalists only care for children admitted to the hospital. This practice structure allows hospitalists to focus on those patients in the hospital and general pediatricians more time to focus on the children needing to be seen in their clinics (rather than managing the care of children in the clinic and in the hospital simultaneously). Pediatric hospitalists work in both community and academic settings. To learn more about pediatric hospitalists, please click here. Visit the website of AAP Section on Hospital Medicine.

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