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Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health

​The Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health is composed of AAP Fellows who are primary care pediatricians and subspecialists with expertise and interests in developmental and behavioral pediatrics. Committee issues include: divorce, parenting practices, use of psychotropic medications, violence prevention, childhood behavior problems, and access to mental health services. The Committee provides guidance to pediatricians and families through policy statements published in Pediatrics and the media, and advocacy on issues. All of the policy statements authored by the Committee are available on this Web site. Learn more about the Committee history here.

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The Committee Visits Capitol Hill

Drs Martini, Dobbins, Siegel, and Yogman
US Capitol Building

Drs Dobbins and Martini with AAP Staff, Stephanie Domain,
Supreme Court
Drs Martini, Yogman, Siegel, and Dobbins, AAP Staff, Stephanie Domain,
Supreme Court
Drs Dobbins and Martini with AAP Staff, Betsey Dunford
US Senator Richard Durbin's office (Illinois)

Drs Martini and Dobbins with AAP Staff, Betsey Dunford
US Senator Mark Kirk's office (Illinois)


Enhancing Pediatric Mental Health Care: Report From the American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Mental Health
This supplement outlines strategies to enhance pediatric mental health at both the community level and in individual pediatric practices. The report also provides clinical algorithms to guide primary care clinicians through the process of implementing mental health care into a pediatric practice. Learn about the Academy Mental Health Initiatives here.

Addressing Mental Health Concerns in Primary Care: A Clinician's Toolkit
This resource is designed to help primary care clinicians in implementing algorithms to help guidance in enhancing mental health care.

Bright Futures Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents
Interacting with patients and parents is key to developing an effective practice. This widely accepted, comprehensive resource is useful for physician education, training, and reference. Published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, this unique guide offers a complete manual, pocket-sized cue cards (organized by age visit), plus supplements on developmental and psychosocial issues. View the Bright Futures Web site here.

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