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The Section on Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM) has a very active e-mail list (Listserv®). SOAPM members use the Listserv® to share important practice management and administrative ideas and advice. The AAP also uses the Listserv® to provide up-to-date practice management information, announcements, and to field short surveys. By using the SOAPM LISTSERV®, members agree to the AAP Terms of Use and the SOAPM Solicitation Policy

Online Archive
The SOAPM Listserv was recently updated to include an Online Archive feature. Postings from the SOAPM Listserv are currently archived for one year.

  • Don’t like to receive the volume of emails generated by the Listserv but still want to be an active subscriber? If you choose, you could turn off your e-mail delivery, and just use the online archive to view and post messages!
  • You can self-manage your Listserv subscriber settings:
    • Change your email delivery format from Regular to Digest and vice versa.
    • Unsubscribe yourself from the Listserv.
    • Change your email address.
    • Place a temporarily hold on the Listserv (if you are going on vacation, etc.).
  • You can browse through previous postings or search through the archive to look up previous posts on topics of your choice.
  • You can post messages or reply to previous threads through the archive.

​To access the Online Archive, read the instructions. You must be currently subscribed to the SOAPM Listserv to access the Online Archive. If you are not subscribed to the Listserv but would like access to the postings via the Online Archive, send a request for access to

Email Tips and Tricks
The SOAPM Listserv® is a very active communication forum. Here are some tips to help you manage the number of emails that are sent through the Listserv®:

  • To send an email to the e-mail list, email
  • Set up a separate email address and use it only for SOAPM related emails. Many members use a Gmail account, which easily groups the emails together by subject line. Once this email is set up, you can change your settings via the Online Archive or contact AAP staff at to have your listserv subscription switched to the new email address.
  • If your email account has the option to set-up one or more folders, consider doing so. This can automatically send all SOAPM related emails to that folder and not into your regular In-Box. In Outlook follow these instructions:

    Under Tools, go to Rules and Alerts. Select New Rule 
  • Step 1: select Move Mail sent from a list to a folder 
  • Step 2: click on From Whom: type in SOAPM Click on folder Select new folder Name this folder SOAPM Select Advanced Click through and check off Delete which will delete the message from your mail inbox and move it to the SOAPM folder that you have created.

NETIQUETTE – derived from the words "network" and "etiquette" - is a set of social conventions designed to facilitate interpersonal interactions in a variety of electronic forums where people may exchange ideas and information. In the context of this Discussion List, employing “good netiquette” is simply trying to adhere to a number of suggestions which, if followed, will make reading the list more enjoyable for all.

  • Not all emails and/topics will be of use to you. Feel free to skim over the Subject listings on your email list and keep or delete what does not seem relevant, allowing you to focus on what is of most use. The Online Archive is a good tool for those who want to “lurk”, that is, to read the group's posting without replying or contributing a response.
  • For your first posting, it would be useful to introduce yourself to the group.
  • Avoid typing in ALL CAPS which is considered “SHOUTING”.
  • Long posts without paragraph breaks are difficult to read. White space is easier on the eyes.
  • Since messages are cumulative, it is best to add your comment to the top of the message to which you are replying. An exception is when replying to a lengthy post in which case a comment can be placed below each section. It is useful to highlight your comments by using different text as well as deleting extraneous material such as taglines from the end of the message.
  • Questions or comments to specific individuals should be sent to them directly, not to the entire listserv.
  • Change the subject in the Subject Heading if you are substantially changing the topic of discussion to reflect the new thread.
  • It is courteous to be considerate of others time. A reply to the group that doesn't add anything may not be necessary. These include messages like the following: “me too,” “thanks,” questions to specific individuals, etc.).
  • Finally, be Courteous and Constructive, directing feedback to issues not individuals. Do not post content that is offensive, libelous, defamatory, indecent, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, abusive, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, or offensive in a sexual, racial, cultural, or ethnic context.



For other changes including having your messages sent to a different email or to receive a digest synopsis of the messages, contact us at