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SOID Award for Lifetime Contribution in Infectious Diseases Education


​​​The SOID Award for Lifetime Contribution in Infectious Diseases Educatio​n is given annually to an Academy member who has made outstanding contributions to education in infectious diseases. The award was established in 2004 to acknowledge those with a long and distinguished history as infectious diseases educators. The recipient receives a cash award as well as travel expenses (recipient and family members) to the National Convention and Exhibition.

The call for nominations for the 2018 award is now open. If you wish to nominate an individual, or yourself, please submit the name and address of the nominee, a nomination letter along with a current copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae by Friday, March 9, 2018 to Suzanne Kirkwood at .  Please see the SOID website for additional information regarding the previous recipients.​


​2017 - Margaret Fisher, MD, FAAP

Margaret Fisher, MD, FAAP with Tina Tan, MD, FAAP (SOID Chair)

2016 - Anne Gershon, MD, FAAP

Anne Gershon, MD, FAAP and Tina Tan, MD, FAAP (SOID Chair)

2015 - Leonard Weiner, MD, FAAP

Tina Tan, MD, FAAP (SOID Chair) and Leonard Weiner, MD, FAAP
2014 - John Bradley, MD, FAAP

(From left) Carrie Byington, MD, FAAP (COID Chair), John Bradley, MD, FAAP and Dennis Murray, MD, FIDSA, FAAP (SOID Chair)

2013 - Kathryn Edwards, MD, FAAP

(From left) Kathryn Edwards, MD, FAAP and Dennis Murray, MD, FIDSA, FAAP (SOID Chair)

2012 - S. Michael Marcy, MD, FAAP

(From left) Dennis Murray, MD, FIDSA, FAAP (SOID Chair), Larry Pickering, MD, FAAP (Red Book Editor), Carol Baker, MD, FAAP (Red Book Associate Editor), S. Michael Marcy, Michael Brady, MD, FAAP (COID Chair) and Gordon Schutze, MD, FAAP (COID Member)
S. Michael Marcy, Dennis Murray, Larry pickreing, Carol Baker, Michael Brady, Gordon Schutze
2011 - Martha Lepow, MD, FAAP and Stanford Shulman, MD, FAAP

SOID 2011 Education Award Recipients (From left) Martha Lepow, MD, FAAP; Dennis Murray, MD, FIDSA, FAAP, (SOID Chairperson), and Stanford Shulman, MD, FAAP
Martha Lepow, Stanford Shulman, Dennis Murray
2010 - Larry Pickering, MD, FAAP

(From left) Gordon Schutze, MD, FAAP; Margaret Fisher, MD, FAAP, (SOID Immediate Past Chairperson); Michael Brady, MD, FAAP (COID Chairperson); Mary Anne Jackson, MD, FAAP; and Larry Pickering, MD, FAAP, SOID 2010 Education Award Recipient
Larry Pickering, Gordon Schutze, Margaret Fisher, Michael Brady, Mary Anne Jackson
2009 - Sarah Long, MD, FAAP

Meg Fisher, MD, FAAP presenting the SOID Education Award to Sarah Long, MD, FAAP at the 2009 NCE Meeting in Washington, DC
Sarah Long, Meg Fisher

2008 - Ralph Feigin, MD, FAAP
2007 - Georges Peter, MD, FAAP
2006 -
Caroline Hall, MD, FAAP and
 Russell Steele, MD, FAAP
2005 - Louis Cooper, MD, FAAP
2004 - George McCracken, MD, FAAP