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​​​​​​To find your SOPT District Representatives, please click on your district below. Those East of the Mississippi River who are in the military are in District I and those West of the Mississippi River are in District VIII. Additional contact information for your District Representatives can be found on the SOPT Collaboration site​ (AAP login required).

AAP Districts Map

    District I

    District I Medical Student DR, Kate Rand, BA
    Medical School: Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
    Home: Providence, RI
    Fun Fact: I have a bonsai Tree named Louie. 

    District I Medical Student ADR, ​Rebecca Webb
    Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine
    Home: Morgan Hill, CA
    Fun Fact: One summer before medical school, I ran a marathon and went skydiving with a good friend.

    District I Resident DR, Kristin "Brooke" Hallett, MD
    Residency Program: University of Connecticut / Connecticut Children's Medical Center
    Home: Bainbridge Island, WA 
    Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Sevilla in college, and I’m working on my medical Spanish.

    District I Resident ADR, Nan Du, MD
    Residency Program: Yale-New Haven Pediatric Residency Program
    Home: Barrington, RI
    Fun fact: I enjoy baking chocolate chip cookies and waterfall seeking.

    District I Fellowship DR, Jennifer Hoffmann, MD, FAAP 
    Fellowship: Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital 
    Home: Moorestown, NJ 
    Fun fact: I worked behind the scenes at ABC News in New York City preparing health stories for Good Morning America and World News Tonight.


    District I Fellowship ADR, Elyse Portillo, MD
    Fellowship: Emergency Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital, Peds/EM 


    District II

    District II Medical Student DR, Catherine Coughlin, BS 
    Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Home: Bronx, NY
    Fun Fact about yourself: I'm a classically trained ballerina and was a dance minor in college!

    District II Medical Student ADR, Diana Yusim, MPH
    Medical School: Albany Medical College 
    Home: Brooklyn, NY
    Fun Fact about yourself: I was born in Russia and I have two younger brothers. I enjoy dancing and learning new dance styles.

    District II Resident DR, Kristen Kester, MD, MPH
    Residency Program: Columbia University
    Home: New York, NY 
    Fun factI've spent time in exactly 20 different countries, and can't wait to see more of the world! "To travel is to live." - Hans Christian Andersen

    District II Resident ADR, Nadia Shobnam, MD
    Residency Program: Children's Hospital at Montefiore Social Pediatrics
    Home: New Castle, DE (now living in Bronx, NY) 
    Fun fact: I love backpacking and have been scuba diving in the Philippines. 

    District II Fellowship DR, Kanani Titchen, MD, FAAP 
    Fellowship: Children's Hospital at Montefiore 
    Home: New York, NY 
    Fun fact: I am trained in two-handed broadsword fighting.

    District II Fellowship ADR, Miriam Langer, MD
    Fellowship: Adolescent Medicine, Montefiore
    Home: Bronx, NY
    Fun fact: I've lived on three continents.

    District III

    District III Medical Student DR, Kaitlyn Petruccelli, BSr 
    Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College at  Thomas Jefferson University
    Home: Philadelphia, PA
    Fun Fact: My favorite way to exercise is tap dancing!

    District III Medical Student ADR, Taylor Olian 
    Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Home: Hazleton, PA
    Fun Fact: I have volunteered at Camp Asthma Cadabra, a summer camp for children with asthma ages 7-13, for the past 10 years and counting!

    District III Resident DR, Kate Belser, MD
    Residency Program: Children's Hospital of Pittsburg
    Home: Blue Bell, PA
    Fun Fact: I love to travel! Always up for an adventure!

    District III Resident ADR, Christina Rojas, MD
    Residency Program: The Children's Hopsital of Philadelphia
    Home: Wheaton, IL
    Fun Fact: I love dogs! I have a puggle who I firmly believe is the cutest dog in the world!

    District III Fellowship DR, Angela Sandell, MD, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Children's Hospital of Pittsburg of UPMC Pediatric Gastroenterology
    Home: Lockport, NY
    Fun Fact: I love to run, especiall as a way to explore new places. 

    District III Fellowship ADR, Sandhyaa Iyengar, MD, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
    Home: Philadelphia, PA 
    Fun Fact: I love adventure (hiking and traveling the world!) and just started mixed martial arts training!

    District IV

    District IV Medical Student DR, Yurhee Lee

    District IV Medical Student ADR, Katia Perez
    Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine
    Home: Winston Salem, NC
    Fun Fact: I've lived/worked/studied in 3 of the 5 states in my district (district IV)!

    District IV Resident DR, Adrienne Kirby, MD
    Residency Program: Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters (EVMS)
    Home: Cleveland, OH
    Fun Fact: I like to make my own holiday cards.

    District IV Resident ADR, Alex Healy, MD
    Residency Program: University of Louisville 
    Home: Louisville, KY
    Fun Fact: I love to travel!

    District IV Fellowship DR, Markus S. Renno, MD, MPH, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship
    Home: Nashville, TN
    Fun Fact: I played Plinko on the Price is Right with Bob Barker back in 2003. Here's my proof:
    District IV Fellowship ADR,

    Elena Rueda-de-Leon, MD
    Fellowship Program: Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program
    Home: Nashville, TN
    Fun Fact: I love to travel and learn about history on site. I enjoy music and play the French Horn. 

    District V

    District V Medical Student DR, Slavica Gjorgjevska, BS
    Medical School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine 
    Home: Clinton TWP, MI 
    Fun fact: I got engaged last year under the Eiffel Tower!

    District V Medical Student ADR, Miriam Ahmad, BA
    Medical School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
    Home: Fresno, CA
    Fun fact: I lucky to have never broken a bone (and hopefully won't in the future!)

    District V Resident DR, Katherine (Katie) Soe, MD
    Residency Program: Indiana University School of Medicine (Riley Hospital for Children)
    Home: Walnut Creek, CA
    Fun fact: I love trail running/hiking, including Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim!

    District V Resident ADR, Vanaja Sivakumar, MD
    Residency Program: Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, Toledo Ohio
    Home: Toronto, Ontario
    Fun fact: I enjoy eating a variety of foods from around the world! And visiting those beautiful places :)

    District V Fellowship DR, Michael Colburn, MD, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center
    Home: Cincinatti, Ohio 
    Fun fact: I might have a crush on Batman ...

    District V Fellowship ADR, Mark Murphy, DO, FAAP

    District VI

    District VI Medical Student DR, Nicholas Welsh, MS
    Medical School: Chicago Medical School 
    Home: Minooka, IL 
    Fun fact: I had a pet pig named Reba when I was growing up.

    District VI Medical Student ADR, Sarah Afzal
    Medical School: Chicago Medical School
    Home: Walnut Creek, CA
    Fun fact: I severed my median nerve while carving a pumpkin when I was ten years old. Oops. :)

    District VI Resident DR, Rachel Lieberman, MD
    Residency Program: Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO
    Home: Littleton, CO
    Fun Fact: I have run 15 marathons across the United States. 

    District VI Resident ADR, Jennifer Estella, DO, MEd
    Residency Program: Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
    Home: Chicago, IL
    Fun fact: I used to compete internationally with the Philippine National Figure Ice Skating Team. 

    District VI Fellowship DR, Open Position
    District VI Fellowship ADR, Tarek Salman, MD, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Advocate Lutheran General PICU
    Home: Chicago, IL
    Fun fact: I am very excited and waiting for the 2018 World soccer cup in Russia!

    District VII

    District VII Medical Student DR, Jade Cobern
    Medical School: University of Mississippi Schoo of Medicine
    Home: Jackson, MS
    Fun fact: I've studied abroad in both England and Switzerland. 


    District VII Medical Student ADR, Lien Le 
    Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
    Home: Fort Worth, TX
    Fun fact: I earned a Theatre minor in college and spent a year acting in local theatre before medical school.

    District VII Resident DR, Mickinzie Morgan, MD
    Residency Program: Texas Tech Univ- Lubbock/Peds
    Home: Wolfforth, TX
    Fun Fact: I've played the flute since childhood and learned the violin in medical school. 

    District VII Resident ADR, Sarah Talia Himmelfarb, MD
    Residency Program: Tulane University/MP Med/Peds Residency Program 
    Home: New Orleans, LA
    Fun fact: I used to play drums in a punk band.

    District VII Fellowship DR, Anna Weingarten, DO, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Texas Children's Hospital - Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    Home: Houston, TX
    Fun fact: I speak 4 languages and my dog is 4lbs (fully grown).

    District VII Fellowship ADR, Lisa Barber, MD, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Pediatric Pulmonology - Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital 
    Home: Houston, TX 
    Fun fact: Born and raised in Houston, lived a few lives including ones in the music business and 3D animation. 

    District VIII

    District VIII Medical Student DR, Jenna Serr, MD 
    Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine​
    Home: Salt Lake City, UT

    District VIII Medical Student ADR, Kylie Loutit
    Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University 
    Home: Los Altos, CA
    Fun Fact: I have dual citizenship in the U.S. and New Zealand. 

    District VIII Resident DR, Rupesh Natarajan, MD
    Residency Program: University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine
    Home: Chennai, India
    Fun Fact: I have visited 16 states in the USA. Also, I still have net gain from playing in casinos. 

    District VIII Resident ADR, Open Position

    District VIII Fellowship DR, Open Position

    District VIII Fellowship ADR, Open Position

    District IX

    District IX Medical Student DR, Alexa Manrriquez, BS
    Medical School: Keck School of Medicine of USC 
    Home: Los Angeles, CA
    Fun fact: I once had my bag stolen by a monkey in Ecuador.

    District IX Medical Student ADR, Alex Li
    Medical School: UC San Diego School of Medicine
    Home: San Diego, CA/Marietta, GA
    Fun fact: Sang a cappella for four years in undergrad and currently at UCSD.

    District IX Resident DR, Suzanne Stewart, MD
    Residency Program: UC Davis 
    Home: Grand Island, NE
    Fun Fact: I have jumped from the highest bungee in New Zealand, 134m above the Nevis River.

    District IX Resident ADR, Addison Gearhart, MD

    Residency Program: UC-CHOC 
    Home: Seattle, WA
    Fun Fact: When I am stressed in my residency, my favorite activity is to go to Costco with my co-resie Brian. I cannot hlep but get in a good mood with all the free samples and deals.

    District IX Fellowship DR, Open Position
    District IX Fellowship ADR, Jennifer Chen, MD

    Fellowship Program: Pediatric Hospital Medicine at Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego
    Home: San Diego, CA
    Fun Fact: I have a brown-and-white spotted bunny named Cookie (I also like to bake a lot)

    District X

    District X Medical Student DR, Yekaterina Kokidko, MS
    Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine - Bradenton
    Home: Miami, FL
    ​Fun Fact: I grew up with multiple animals in my home including parrots, bunnies, hedgehogs, turtles, and my dog Cody :)

    District X Medical Student ADR, Rachel Buckle
    Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine 
    Home: Atlanta, GA
    ​Fun Fact: I used to teach children's yoga!

    District X Resident DR, John-Anthony Coppola, MD 
    Residency Program: University of Florida Gainesville 
    Home: Orlando, FL 
    Fun Fact: I enjoy brewing and tasting coffees from all over the world. 

    District X Resident ADR, Zach Spoehr-Labutta, MD
    Residency Program: John Hopkins All Children's Hospital
    Home: St. Petersburg, FL
    Fun Fact: I love kayaking, video games, my black lab mix, and going on long road trips with my husband. 

    District X Fellowship DR, Brandon Seay MD, MPH, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: University of Florida Pediatric Pulmonology​ 
    Home: Atlanta, GA
    Fun fact: I am a classically trained tenor and an avid Social Media Advocate for kids (@BSeay05 on Twitter)

    District X Fellowship ADR, Paul Hiers, MD
    Fellowship Program: University of Florida
    Home: Gainesville, FL
    Fun fact: I still own my car from high school, a 1972 El Camino SS.