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​​​​​​To find your AAP District information, please click on the state where you are currently training.
Those in military residency programs, see links below map. 

AAP Districts Map

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    District I
    ​​Trey Williams, MD District I Medical Student DR, Molly Markowitz
    Medical School: The University of Vermont College of Medigine
    HomeBelfast, ​ME​
    ​​District I Medical Student ADR, Kate Rand
    Medical School: Brown University
    Home: Prividence,​ RI​
    ​District I Resident DR, Judy-April Oparaji, MD, RDN
    Residency Program: NCC Pediatrics - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
    Medical School: University of Pittsburgh SOM
    Home: Missouri City, TX
    Fun Fact: One of my goals is to travel to every continent. 
    District I resident ADR, Annamarie Koller, DO
    Medical Program: University of Connecticut
    Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Home: Pittsburgh, PA
    Fun Fact: I enjoy hiking, skiing and spending time with my husband and toddler. 
    District I Fellowship DR, Amanda Stewart, MD, MPH, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Boston Children's Hospital Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship
    Medical School: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
    Home: Poway, CA
    Fun Fact: I got my first celebrity autograph before I was even born. It was Eddie Money (of "Take Me Home Tonight" fame), who wrote an autograph to "Amanda or William" when my pregnant mother went to one of his concerts. 
    District I Fellowship ADR, Jennifer Hoffmann, MD, FAAP
    Fellowship: Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital
    Residency: Boston Combined Residency Program
    Medical School: Northwestern University 
    Home: Moorestown, NK
    Fun Fact: I worked behind the scenes at ABC News in New York City preparing health stories for Good Morning America and World News Tonight. 

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    District II
    ​​Trey Williams, MD District II Medical Student DR, Christina Kratlian
    Medical School: Albany Medical College
    Home: North Easton, MA
    Fun Fact: I saw the second to last ever NASA shuttle launch (It was Endeavour, it was on my bucket list, and it was totallyincredible)
    ​​District II Medical Student ADR, Catherine Coughlin
    Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Home Westport, CT
    District II Resident DR, Ashley Landicho, MD, MBA
    Residency Program: Children's Hospital at Montefiore
    Medical School: Drexel University
    Home: Seattle, WA
    Fun Fact: I love coffee, running marathons, and board games. 
    District II Resident ADR, Kristen M. Kester, MD, MPH
    Residency Program: Columbia University
    Medical School: Northwestern University
    Home: Chicago, IL
    Fun Fact: I've spend time in exactly 20 different countries, and can't wait to see more of the world! "To travel is to live." - Hans Christian Andersen. 
    District II Fellowship DR, Position Open

    District II Fellowsip ADR, Kanani Titchen, MD, FAAP
    Fellowship: Adolescent Medicine, Children's Hospital at Montefiore
    Residency Program: Thomas Jefferson University / A.I. duPont Hospital for Children
    Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical School at Thomas Jefferson University
    Home: New York, NY
    Fun Fact: I met my husband when we were both in Shakespeare's "Richard III". I played Lady Anne to his Richard. In the play, he kills my father, kills my husband, seduces me, and kills me. It was the start of a beautiful relationship!​

    District III
    ​​Trey Williams, MD ​​District III Medical Student DR, ​Vinh Nguyen 
    Medical School: Howard University College of Medicine
    Home: Annandale, VA
    ​​District III Medical Student ADR, Kaitlyn Petruccelli
    Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University
    Home: Philadelphia, PA
    District III Resident DR, Stephanie Tanner, MD
    Residency Program: Crozer Chester Medical Center
    Medical School: Universidad Autonoma de Guadelajara
    Home: Aston, PA
    Fun Fact: I just got engaged to the  love of my life!
    District III Resident ADR, Kate Belser, MD
    Residency program: Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
    Medical School: Pennsylvania State College of Medicine
    Home: Blue Bell, PA
    Fun Fact: I love to travel! Always up for an adventure! 
    District III Fellowship DR, Open Position

    District III Fellowship ADR, Angela Sandell, MD, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC Pediatric Gastroenterology
    Residency Program: Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo, University of Buffalo
    Medical School: University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
    Home: Lockport, NY
    Fun Fact: I once won a college scholarship based on my Italian grandma's meatball recipe. I also have been in a capella groups (as an alto) throughou​t college and medical school (Docappella)!

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    District IV
    ​​Trey Williams, MD ​​District IV Medical Student DR, Kate Pumphrey
    Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University of Medicine
    Home: Severna Park, MD
    Fun Fact: I love an adventure and have gone scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and bunjee jumping in New Zealand. 
    ​​District IV Medical Student ADR, Vanessa Rayen
    Medical School: LMU-DEBUSK College of Medicine
    Home: Merritt Island, FL
    District IV Resident DR, Gift Kopsombut, MD
    Residency Program: Virginia Commonwealth University
    Medical School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center
    Home: Nashville, TN
    Fun Fact: In my spare time, I work on recipes for a restaurant's menu
    District IV Resident ADR, Adrienne Kirby, MD
    Residency Program: Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters (EVMS)
    Medical Schools: Wright State University
    Home: Cleveland, OH
    Fun Fact: I love hiking with my two dogs and husband and have a bucket list of mountains I'd like to climb around the world. 
    District IV Fellowship DR, Open Position

    District IV Fellowship ADR, Markus S. Renno, MD, FAAP 
    Fellowship Program: Pediatric Cardiology, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital 
    Residency Program: Pediatrics, University of Florida - Shands Children's Hospital
    Medical School: University of Arizona - Tucson
    Home: Nashville, TN
    Fun fact: I played Plinko on the Price is Right with Bob Barker back in 2003. here's my proof:
    Second Fact: I had no idea what Plink was when I went up on stage. 

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    District V
    ​​Trey Williams, MD ​​District V Medical Student DR, Jared Kusma
    Medical School: University of Toledo College of Medicine
    Home: Columbus, OH
    Fun fact: I can make balloon animals and once even made Wall-E. 
    ​​District V Medical Student ADR, Slavica Gjorgjevska
    Medical School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
    Home: Clinton TWP, MI
    Fun Fact: I recently got engaged under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which has always been my dream! ​
    District V Resident DR, Stephanie Napolitano, MD, MPH
    Residency Program: Nationwide Children's Hospital
    Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
    Home: Bath, OH
    Fun Fact: I biked over 3,000 miles during my fourth year of medical school to give global public health lectures about vaccine myths. 
    District V Resident ADR, Katherine (Katie) Soe, MD
    Residency Program: Indiana University School of Medicine (Riley Hospital for Children)
    Medical School: Creighton University School of Medicine
    Home: Walnut Creek, CA
    Fun fact: I love trail running/hiking, including the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim! 
    District V Fellowship DR, Deepak Yadav, MD, FAAP
    Fellowship Program: Neonatal Perinatal Medicine at Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit
    Residency Program: Pediatrics at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, El Paso, TX
    Medical School: Ravindra Nath Tagore medical College, Udaipur India
    Home: Sterling Heights, MI
    District V Fellowship ADR, Michael Colburn, MD, FAAP

    Fellowship Program: Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center
    Residency Program: University of Iowa Children's Hospital
    Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
    Home: Wisconsin Dells, WI
    ​Fun fact: I was a bug man (exterminator) in an earlier life ;-) ... big career change lol​

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    Chapter Web sites:

    Emma Olivera, MD, and Jordan Whatley, MD at MIAAP Advocacy Day in Lansing.

    Emma Olivera, MD and Jordan Whatley, MD at MIAAP Advocacy Day in Lansing​​

    District VI
    ​​Trey Williams, MD ​​District VI Medical Student DR, Tracy Marko
    ​Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School – Twin Cities

    Home: Eagan, MN​


    District VI Medical Student ADR, Nicholas Welsh
    Medical School: Chicago Medical School
    Home: Minooka, IL
    Fun fact: I had a pet pig named Reba when I was growing up.​

    District VI Resident DR, Nathaniel Jones, MD

    Residency Program: University of Chicago
    Medical School: Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
    Home: Sicklerville, NJ
    Fun Fact: Cooking, binge-watching Netflix, reading, writing and naps.​

    District VI Resident ADR, Rachel Lieberman, MD

    Residency Program: Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO
    Medical School: Saint Louis University
    Home: Littleton, CO
    Fun fact: I have run 15 marathons in many different states across the U.S.​

    District VI Fellowship DR, Open Position

    District VI Fellowship ADR, Open Position

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    District VII
    ​​Trey Williams, MD ​​District VII Medical Student DR, Jane Jarjour

    Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
    Home: Houston, TX
    Fun fact: I once rode the historic trolley in San Francisco dressed in a Zebra onesie with my friends who also were dressed as animals, and we waved to the crowds as they laughed and applauded our silliness.​

    ​​District VII Medical Student ADR, Jade Cobern

    Medical School: University of Mississippi School of Medicine
    Home: Jackson, MS
    Fun fact: I named my dog Dr. Meredith Grey Shepherd, and she has a little white coat too.​

    District VII Resident DR, Pooja Desai, MD

    Residency Program: Texas Tech University at El Paso
    Medical School: Medical University of Lublin
    Home: St. Petersburg, FL
    Fun Fact: I cannot drive with any kind of footwear on.​

    ​No photo availableDistrict VII Resident ADR, Roya Clements, MD

    Residency Program: UT Health Science Center- San Antonio
    Medical School: UT Houston
    Home: Houston, TX
    Fun fact: I have a 3 and 4-year-old who run me ragged, but I wouldn't have it any other way!​

    District VII Fellowship DR, Open Position

    District VII Fellowship ADR, Anna Weingarten, DO, FAAP

    Fellowship Program: Texas Children's Hospital - Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    Residency Program: Connecticut Children's Hospital - Pediatrics
    Medical School: University of Medicine & Dentistry NJ SOM
    Home: Houston, TX
    Fun fact: I speak 4 languages and have a 4lbs dog.​

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     Chapter Web sites:

    District VIII
    ​​Trey Williams, MD ​​District VIII Medical Student DR, Jennifer Estanilla

    Medical School: Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Home: Manila, Philippines​

    ​​District VIII Medical Student ADR, Jenna Serr

    Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine
    Home: Salt Lake City, UT​

    District VIII Resident DR, Kenna Sheak, MD

    Residency Program: University of New Mexico Pediatrics
    Medical School: University of New Mexico
    Home: Albuquerque, NM
    Fun Fact: I enjoy playing board games with friends and hiking around the Four Corners Area.

    District VIII Resident ADR, Adrienne Hiatt, MD

    Residency Program: Naval Medical Center San Diego
    Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch
    Home: Fort Worth, TX
    Fun Fact: I have Scuba dived with Manta Rays in Hawaii.​

    District VIII Fellowship DR, Eleanor Gradidge, MD, MBBS, FAAP

    Fellowship: Pediatric Critical Care, Phoenix Children's Hospital
    Residency: Pediatrics, Tulane-Ochsner Combined Residency
    Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch
    Home: Dallas, TX
    Fun Fact: I will be in a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans next year - Krewe of Cleopatra!​

    ​District VIII Felwship DR, Open Position

    District IX
    ​​Trey Williams, MD ​​District IX Medical Student DR, Zarah Iqbal

    Medical School: Stanford School of Medicine
    Home: Philadelphia, PA
    Fun fact: I am afraid of heights but I've been bungee jumping and have climbed Angel's Landing in Zion.​

    ​​District IX Medical Student ADR, Alexa Manrriquez

    Medical School: Keck School of Medicine of USC
    Home: Fountain Valley, CA
    Fun fact: I once had my bag stolen by a monkey, who then proceeded to climb to the top of a nearby tree and dump out all my things.​

    District IX Resident DR, Christine Thang, MD

    Residency Program: UCLA
    Medical School: UCLA
    Home: Glendale, CA
    Fun Fact: I love matcha green tea and all things flavored so -- lattes, ice cream, cake, etc. That also hints to my sweet tooth :)​

    District IX Resident ADR, Suzanne Stewart, MD

    Residency Program: UC Davis
    Medical School: University of Nebraska
    Home: Grand Island, NE
    Fun Fact: about yourself: I ran the Boston Marathon my second year of medical school.​

    District IX Fellowship DR, Open Position

    District IX Fellowship ADR, Open Position

    ​(All files are in Adobe PDF format)


    District/Chapter Web sites:

    District X
    ​​Trey Williams, MD ​​District X Medical Student ADR, Lauren

    Medical School: University of South Alabama College of Medicine
    Home: Birmingham, AL


    District X Medical Student ADR, Yekaterina Kokidko
    Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine – Bradenton
    Home: Bradenton, FL ​

    District X Resident DR, Brittany Bruggeman, MD

    Residency Program: University of Florida Gainesville
    Medical School: University of Florida
    Home: Mims, FL
    Fun Fact: My entire family's first name starts with Br- Bret, Brenda, Brittany, and Breanna. So, when I started dating Brad Bruggeman, I knew he was the one!​

    ​​District X Resident ADR, John-Anthony Coppola, MD

    Residency Program: University of Florida Gainesville
    Medical School: Florida State University College of Medicine
    Home: Orlando, FL
    Fun Fact: I enjoy fishing!​

    District X Fellowship DR, Kristin Dayton, MD, FAAP

    Fellowship Program: Pediatric Endocrinology, UF Health Shands Children's Hospital
    Residency Program: Pediatrics, UF Health Shands Children's Hospital
    Medical School: Wake Forest University School of Medicine
    Home: Tarpon Springs, FL
    Fun fact: Before going to medical school I worked as a dental assistant. Also, I am expecting my first baby in early June!​

    District X Fellowship ADR, Brandon Seay MD, MPH, FAAP

    Fellowship Program: University of Florida Pediatric Pulmonology
    Medical School: St. George's University
    Home: Cumming, GA
    Fun fact: I am a classically trained Tenor and earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Music Performance.​

    ​​(All files are in PDF format)​​