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Partnering for Resilience: Learn, Empower, Connect


​​​​​​​Welcome to the Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT) 2016-2017 Advocacy Campaign, entitled: Partnering for Resilience: Learn, Empower, and Connect to Address Toxic Stress. This page will be your home base during the campaign. Here, you can find information about our activities, resources on resilience and toxic stress, and ways to get involved. We are so excited to partner with you to foster resilience among our patients and their families. ​

Watch our campaign's call to action video.

Overview of campaign:
We have divided the campaign into three sections. Click on each link to learn more:

  • LEARN​ about adverse childhood experiences, toxic stress, and resilience (October 2016 – January 2017)
  • EMPOWER ourselves to feel comfortable fostering resilience in clinical settings (February – May 2017)
  • CONNECT​ with community partners and legislative advocates (June – October 2017)

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Throughout the year, we hope that however you choose to be involved you will SHARE your achievements with the SOPT and inspire others to do the same.

We encourage you to schedule a time for your AAP resident or medical student delegate to talk about the campaign. Finally, please share information about the campaign with your program director or clerkship director, hospital administrators, and, if applicable, your advocacy coordinator, and encourage them to be involved as well.

Maya Ragavan
Sarah Maxwell
Ryan Hassan
2016-2017 Par​​tnering for Resilience Tri-Chairs​​​




  • August 2017: Participate in a day of action focused on community-based advocacy


  • Have a brief clinical pearl focused on how you fostered resilience in your clinical practice? It can be anything--a resource, a question you ask, or a video--and can be for outpatient, inpatient, or specialty settings. The topic can focus on anything related to the campaign, such as fostering resilience, addressing childhood trauma, connecting families to resources, or advocating on a local or national policy level. Click here to access the submission form.​



The Partnering for Resilience Campaign is funded through the generosity of the AAP Insurance Program.​