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Vote for Kids


DISCLAIMER: Advocacy Campaign Websites are updated during the duration of their campaign. These links and resources may be outdated once the campaign has completed. We leave these websites up as a starting place for information on past topics. For the current advocacy campaign resources please refer to their webpage.

The 2011-2​012 campaign will focus on the 2012 Election and advocating with programs to allow for medical students, residents, and fellowship trainees to have the time off to vote.​

Campaign Essentials:

  1. Register to vote
  2. Get the time off to vote-in local/state/national primaries AND the general election

Participate in local/s​tate/national campaigns and elections during the primaries and the general election


PowerPoint Presentation - Below you'll find information on how to download the PowerPoint presentation to give at your program and/or utilize in whatever way you see fit to promote the campaign. Information on how to be effective advocates during an election period, the hot topics in the election, and resources for you to utilize in your efforts are include in the presentation. Click here (zip file) to access the PowerPoint presentation.

Instr​uctions for downloading and accessing the presentation:
  1. Save zip file on you computer Right click on file, choose "extract all"
  2. Follow wizard instructions, choose next until finished
  3. Click on "vote for kids' folder
  4. Open PowerPoint presentation

In PowerPoint present​​​ation click view, choose slide show

Pledge form - You c​an also download a pledge form for the medical students, residents or fellowship trainees in your program to pledge to vote.

League of Women Voters -​​
  • A non-partisan website designed to educate voters and assist them with voter registration and participation.
  • You can also sign up to receive personalized information, updates, and voting alerts that matter to you.
  • Search by what you want to know in the Resource Guide.
  • State and Local Elections - Connect with your AAP Chapter to get ongoing alerts and information on state level child health advocacy and campaign/election activity.

Department of Federal Affairs – The AAP Department of Federal Affairs has a webpage on My AAP (AAP login and password required) with a wealth of information on your federal legislators, an action center, and additional resources on federal advocacy.

Emails sent to Prog​ram Delegates:


  • Natalie Riedmann, MD
  • Annabelle de St Maurice, MD