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Byr​on Oberst Award

About t​he Byron Oberst award

The Byron Oberst Award will be presented to a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP) who has made a significant contribution to the field in one or more of the following areas:

  • Improving pediatric clinical information systems

  • Educating child health professionals in the use of clinical information technology

  • Creating health policies that promote better use of pediatric clinical information systems

The a​ward will be presented during the Council on Clinical Information Technology education program at the annual AAP National Conference and Exhibition. Th​​e winner will receive an honorarium and reimbursement of travel expenses to attend the program. The winner may also be asked to give a brief lecture during the program. Notification of the award will be published in the onsite NCE paper and in AAP News. 

Nominati​​ons p​​rocess

​​Eligible Candidates: Members of the AAP Council on Clinical Information Technology

Current members of the COCIT Executive Committee are ineligible to receive the award.

Information on nominating an individual for the Byron Oberst Award is sent to the COCIT membership through the listserv every February.

If you have questions about the Byron Oberst Award or the nominations process, please contact us here​.
    History of Recipients

    2018 - William G. Adams, MD, FAAP
    2017: Susan J. Kressly, MD, FAAP​
    2016: Christoph U. Lehmann, MD, FAAP, FACMI
    2015: Marie Mann, MD, MPH, FAAP
    2014: Joseph Schneider, MD, FAAP
    2013: Eugenia Marcus, MD, FAAP
    2012: Alan Zuckerman, MD, FAAP
    2009: Stephen M. Downs, MD, FAAP
    2008: Kevin B. Johnson, MD, MS, FAAP
    2007: David M. N. Paperny, MD, FSAM, FAAP
    2006: Richard Shiffman, MD, FAAP
    2005: S. Andrew Spooner, MD, MS, FAAP
    2004: Stuart T. Weinberg, MD, FAAP
    2000: William Zurhellen, MD, FAAP
    1994: Donald E. Lighter, MD, MBA, FAAP
    1992: M. William Schwartz, MD, FAAP
    1991: James V. Lustig, MD, FAAP
    1990: Olle Jane Z. Sahler, MD, FAAP
    1989: Vincent A. Fulginiti, MD, FAAP​

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