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​​Cou​ncil on Environmental Health​​​

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Welcome to the Council on Environmental Health

​The COEH is the home for Academy members interested in and concerned about children’s environmental health and toxic exposures. Our key activities include:

  • Advising the AAP Board of Directors on issues pertaining to environmental health and toxic exposure. Council-authored policy statements address issues such as air pollution, lead screening, pesticides, radiation disasters, and secondhand smoke.

  • Supporting legislative initiatives designed to protect the health of the fetus, infant, and child from debilitating or hazardous environmental agents.

  • Developing educational initiatives related to children's environmental health.

  • Publishing the Academy landmark Pediatric Environmental Health manual, currently in its third edition.

If you are concerned about children’s environmental health issues and exposures, and concerned about educating your fellow pediatricians, public health officials, policy makers, and parents about these issues, then we need your support and participation! Your membership in the COEH helps raise the visibility for environmental health concerns within our organization. Your membership demonstrates that environmental health issues matter to you as a pediatrician and as a member of the AAP, and that these issues are vitally important to the children you care for. Your participation strengthens our reach.

The COEH annual membership dues directly support the efforts of the council to educate, advocate, and promote environmental health issues on behalf of children. Unlike many pediatric conditions where a prescription can be written or other acute interventions provided, the “cure” for environmental issues is often a reduction in exposure. The Academy is one of the most respected voices of advocacy for children. We hope you’ll consider adding your voice in support of AAP advocacy and education for a healthy environment for our children.


The Council on Environmental Health Executive Committee​

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