American Academy of Pediatrics Archives Finding Aid

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American Academy of Pediatrics Archives Finding Aid


Repository: Lawrence Gartner, MD, FAAP and Carol Gartner, PhD Pediatric History Center
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Title: American Academy of Pediatrics Archives
Dates: 1929 – current
Physical Description: 1,094 linear feet
Language(s): English

Summary: The AAP Archives serves as the official repository of the American Academy of Pediatrics history, documenting the AAP’s legacy of policy, advocacy, and education. The Archives collects and preserves significant records and artifacts related to the organization. The records of staff, committees, councils, and sections represent the heritage of the AAP and its contributions to the profession of pediatrics and improved health care for children. 

Administrative Information

Information about Access: The collection is open to members, scholars, and the public with some restrictions.
Ownership & Copyright: American Academy of Pediatrics. 
Processing Notes: The AAP Archives continues to grow each year with our organization. AAP publications and digital records are inventoried in our catalog, please contact staff for more information.

Collection Contents
SERIES 1 History, Board of Directors, and Administration
SERIES 2 Human Resources, Staff, Facilities, and Building
SERIES 3 Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Publishing
SERIES 4 Education and Meeting Services
SERIES 5 Public Relations and Membership
SERIES 6 Development and Financial Affairs
SERIES 7 Research and Practice
SERIES 8 District and Chapter Records
SERIES 9 State Government, Federal Affairs, and Advocacy
SERIES 10 Committee, Council, Section and Task Force

SUBSERIES 10.001 AAP Policy on Manpower Ad Hoc Committee
SUBSERIES 10.002 Accident and Poison Prevention Committee
SUBSERIES 10.003 Accident Prevention Committee
SUBSERIES 10.004 Acute Otitis Media Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.005 Administration & Practice Management Section
SUBSERIES 10.006 Adolescence Committee
SUBSERIES 10.007 Adolescent Health Section
SUBSERIES 10.008 Adoption and Dependent Care Committee
SUBSERIES 10.009 Adoptions Committee
SUBSERIES 10.010 Advances in Therapeutics and Technology Section
SUBSERIES 10.011 Advise the National Survey Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.012 Advise the Ten State Nutrition Survey Committee
SUBSERIES 10.013 Allergy Section
SUBSERIES 10.014 Allergy and Immunology Section
SUBSERIES 10.015 Ambulatory and Emergency Care Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.016 Anesthesiology Section
SUBSERIES 10.017 Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Section
SUBSERIES 10.018 Behavioral Pediatrics and the Family Provisional Committee
SUBSERIES 10.019 Bioethics Committee
SUBSERIES 10.020 Bioethics Section
SUBSERIES 10.021 Board on Communications and Membership Advisory Committee
SUBSERIES 10.022 Board on Membership (1) Advisory Committee
SUBSERIES 10.023 Board on Membership (2) Advisory Committee
SUBSERIES 10.024 Breastfeeding Section
SUBSERIES 10.025 Bronchiolitis Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.026 Cardiology Section
SUBSERIES 10.027 Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Section
SUBSERIES 10.028 Careers and Opportunities Committee
SUBSERIES 10.029 Central and South American Scholarships Committee
SUBSERIES 10.030 Chapters and Membership Ad Hoc Committee
SUBSERIES 10.031 Chapters and Membership Advisory Committee
SUBSERIES 10.032 Child Abuse and Neglect Committee
SUBSERIES 10.033 Child Abuse and Neglect Section
SUBSERIES 10.034 Child Abuse and Neglect Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.035 Child Abuse and Neglect Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.036 Child Death Review and Prevention Section
SUBSERIES 10.037 Child Development Committee
SUBSERIES 10.038 Child Development Section
SUBSERIES 10.039 Child Health Advisory Committee
SUBSERIES 10.040 Child Health Financing Committee
SUBSERIES 10.041 Child Health Relations Committee
SUBSERIES 10.042 Children with Disabilities Committee
SUBSERIES 10.043 Children with Disabilities Section
SUBSERIES 10.044 Children with Handicaps Committee
SUBSERIES 10.045 Civil Defense Committee
SUBSERIES 10.046 Civil Defense and Disaster Committee
SUBSERIES 10.047 Clinical Epidemiology Section
SUBSERIES 10.048 Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Section
SUBSERIES 10.049 Coding and Nomenclature Committee
SUBSERIES 10.050 Coding and Reimbursement Committee
SUBSERIES 10.051 Coding for Mental Health in Children Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.052 Community Health Services Committee
SUBSERIES 10.053 Community Health Services Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.054 Community Pediatrics Section
SUBSERIES 10.055 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.056 Complementary, Holistic and Integrative Medicine Section
SUBSERIES 10.057 Computers and Other Technologies Section
SUBSERIES 10.058 Congenital Heart Surgery Section
SUBSERIES 10.059 Congenital Malformations Committee
SUBSERIES 10.060 Continuing Medical Education Committee
SUBSERIES 10.061 Control of Infectious Diseases Committee
SUBSERIES 10.062 Cooperate with the U. S. Food and Drug Administration Committee
SUBSERIES 10.063 Cooperation with the Armed Forces Committee
SUBSERIES 10.064 Critical Care Section
SUBSERIES 10.065 Delivery of Health Care to Children Committee
SUBSERIES 10.066 Delivery of Health Care to Children Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.067 Department of Communications Ad Hoc Committee
SUBSERIES 10.068 Dermatology Section
SUBSERIES 10.069 Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Section
SUBSERIES 10.070 Disaster and Emergency Medical Care Committee
SUBSERIES 10.071 Diseases of Chest Section
SUBSERIES 10.072 Drug Dosage (1) Committee
SUBSERIES 10.073 Drug Dosage (2) Committee
SUBSERIES 10.074 Drugs Committee
SUBSERIES 10.075 Early Career Physicians Section
SUBSERIES 10.076 Early Childhood Committee
SUBSERIES 10.077 Early Childhood, Adoption, and Dependent Care Committee
SUBSERIES 10.078 Early Education and Child Care Section
SUBSERIES 10.079 Emergency Medical Services Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.080 Emergency Medicine Section
SUBSERIES 10.081 Emergency Medicine Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.082 Endocrinology Section
SUBSERIES 10.083 Environmental Hazards Committee
SUBSERIES 10.084 Environmental Health Committee
SUBSERIES 10.085 Epidemiology Section
SUBSERIES 10.086 Epidemiology, Public Health and Evidence Section
SUBSERIES 10.087 Expanded Pediatric Careers Committee
SUBSERIES 10.088 FDA Advisory Council
SUBSERIES 10.089 Federal Affairs Committee
SUBSERIES 10.090 Federal Government Affairs Committee
SUBSERIES 10.091 Fetus and Newborn Committee
SUBSERIES 10.092 Gastroenterology and Nutrition Section
SUBSERIES 10.093 Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition Section
SUBSERIES 10.094 Genetic Screening Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.095 Genetics Committee
SUBSERIES 10.096 Genetics Section
SUBSERIES 10.097 Genetics and Birth Defects Section
SUBSERIES 10.098 Genetics and Environmental Hazards Committee
SUBSERIES 10.099 Geographical Distribution of Pediatricians Committee
SUBSERIES 10.100 Government Affairs Council
SUBSERIES 10.101 Governmental and Medical Agencies Committee
SUBSERIES 10.102 Handicapped Child Committee
SUBSERIES 10.103 Health Education of the Public Ad Hoc Committee
SUBSERIES 10.104 Health Information Committee
SUBSERIES 10.105 Hematology/Oncology Section
SUBSERIES 10.106 Home Care Section
SUBSERIES 10.107 Home Health Section
SUBSERIES 10.108 Hospice and Palliative Medicine Section
SUBSERIES 10.109 Hospital Care Committee
SUBSERIES 10.110 Hospital Care Section
SUBSERIES 10.111 Hospital Medicine Section
SUBSERIES 10.112 Hospitals and Dispensaries Committee
SUBSERIES 10.113 Immunization and Therapeutic Procedures for Acute Infectious Diseases Committee
SUBSERIES 10.114 Immunization Procedures Committee
SUBSERIES 10.115 Improvement of Child Health Committee
SUBSERIES 10.116 Indian Health Committee
SUBSERIES 10.117 Indian Health Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.118 Indian Health Project Advisory Committee Advisory Committee
SUBSERIES 10.119 Infant and Preschool Child Committee
SUBSERIES 10.120 Infantile Paralysis Committee
SUBSERIES 10.121 Infectious Diseases Committee
SUBSERIES 10.122 Infectious Diseases Section
SUBSERIES 10.123 Injury and Poison Prevention Section
SUBSERIES 10.124 Injury and Poison Prevention Committee
SUBSERIES 10.125 Injury, Violence, and Poison Prevention Committee
SUBSERIES 10.126 Insurance Committee
SUBSERIES 10.127 Insurance Plans Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.128 Integrative Medicine Section
SUBSERIES 10.129 International Child Health Committee
SUBSERIES 10.130 International Child Health Section
SUBSERIES 10.131 International Medical Graduate Section
SUBSERIES 10.132 Juvenile Delinquency Committee
SUBSERIES 10.133 Latin American Affairs Committee
SUBSERIES 10.134 Legislation (1) Committee
SUBSERIES 10.135 Legislation (2) Committee
SUBSERIES 10.136 Legislative Issues Committee Committee
SUBSERIES 10.137 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health and Wellness Section
SUBSERIES 10.138 Long Range Planning Committee
SUBSERIES 10.139 Medical and Hospital Insurance Committee
SUBSERIES 10.140 Medical Care Plans Committee
SUBSERIES 10.141 Medical Education Committee
SUBSERIES 10.142 Medical Liability Committee
SUBSERIES 10.143 Medical Liability & Risk Management Committee
SUBSERIES 10.144 Medical Liability Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.145 Medicine-Pediatrics Section
SUBSERIES 10.146 Membership Committee
SUBSERIES 10.147 Membership Provisional Committee
SUBSERIES 10.148 Membership Committee Committee
SUBSERIES 10.149 Mental Growth & Development Section
SUBSERIES 10.150 Mental Health Committee
SUBSERIES 10.151 Mental Hygiene Committee
SUBSERIES 10.152 Mentally and Physically Handicapped Children Committee
SUBSERIES 10.153 Mid-Career Opportunities Ad Hoc Committee
SUBSERIES 10.154 Military Pediatrics Section
SUBSERIES 10.155 Minority Health, Equity and Inclusion Section
SUBSERIES 10.156 Moderate Head Injury Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.157 Mother' Milk Bureaus Committee
SUBSERIES 10.158 Native American Child Health Committee
SUBSERIES 10.159 Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality Committee
SUBSERIES 10.160 Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Section
SUBSERIES 10.161 Nephrology Section
SUBSERIES 10.162 Neurological Surgery Section
SUBSERIES 10.163 Neurology Section
SUBSERIES 10.164 Nursing and Other Allied Health Personnel Provisional Committee
SUBSERIES 10.165 Nursing Education Committee
SUBSERIES 10.166 Nutrition Committee
SUBSERIES 10.167 Nutrition Technical Advisory Group to Committee
SUBSERIES 10.168 Obesity Section
SUBSERIES 10.169 Oncology-Hematology Section
SUBSERIES 10.170 Ophthalmology Section
SUBSERIES 10.171 Opportunities for Women in Pediatrics Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.172 Oral Health Section
SUBSERIES 10.173 Orthopaedics Section
SUBSERIES 10.174 Osteopathic Pediatricians Section
SUBSERIES 10.175 Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Section
SUBSERIES 10.176 Otolaryngology and Bronchoesophagology Section
SUBSERIES 10.177 Pan-American Scholarships Committee
SUBSERIES 10.178 Pediatric AIDS Committee
SUBSERIES 10.179 Pediatric AIDS Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.180 Pediatric Dentistry Section
SUBSERIES 10.181 Pediatric Education Committee
SUBSERIES 10.182 Pediatric Education (1) Council
SUBSERIES 10.183 Pediatric Education (2) Council
SUBSERIES 10.184 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Committee
SUBSERIES 10.185 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.186 Pediatric Manpower Committee
SUBSERIES 10.187 Pediatric Manpower Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.188 Pediatric Nephrology Section
SUBSERIES 10.189 Pediatric Nursing Education Committee
SUBSERIES 10.190 Pediatric Oncology-Hematology Section
SUBSERIES 10.191 Pediatric Pathology Section
SUBSERIES 10.192 Pediatric Pharmacology Section
SUBSERIES 10.193 Pediatric Practice Council
SUBSERIES 10.194 Pediatric Pulmonology Section
SUBSERIES 10.195 Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine Section
SUBSERIES 10.196 Pediatric Research Committee
SUBSERIES 10.197 Pediatric Research Council
SUBSERIES 10.198 Pediatric Research, Informed Consent, and Medical Ethics Committee
SUBSERIES 10.199 Pediatric Research, Informed Consent, and Medical Ethics Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.200 Pediatric Trainees Section
SUBSERIES 10.201 Pediatric Workforce Committee
SUBSERIES 10.202 Perinatal Pediatrics Section
SUBSERIES 10.203 Perinatal Pediatrics Section
SUBSERIES 10.204 Physical Fitness, Recreation, and Sports Medicine Council
SUBSERIES 10.205 Plastic Surgery Section
SUBSERIES 10.206 PNP Certification Ad Hoc Committee
SUBSERIES 10.207 Post-Graduate Medical Education Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.208 Post-War Courses in Pediatrics Committee
SUBSERIES 10.209 Post-War Planning Committee
SUBSERIES 10.210 Practice and Ambulatory Medicine Committee
SUBSERIES 10.211 Practice Management Ad Hoc Committee
SUBSERIES 10.212 Practice Management Committee
SUBSERIES 10.213 Practicing Safety Intervention Project
SUBSERIES 10.214 Problems of the Fetus and Newborn Infant Committee
SUBSERIES 10.215 Prophylactic Procedures Against Communicable Diseases Special Committee
SUBSERIES 10.216 Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health Committee
SUBSERIES 10.217 Public Education Committee
SUBSERIES 10.218 Public Health Pediatrics Section
SUBSERIES 10.219 Public Information Committee
SUBSERIES 10.220 Pulmonology Section
SUBSERIES 10.221 Quality Assurance Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.222 Quality Improvement Committee
SUBSERIES 10.223 Radiation Hazards and Epidemiology of Malformations Committee
SUBSERIES 10.224 Radiology Committee
SUBSERIES 10.225 Radiology Section
SUBSERIES 10.226 Relation of Academy to Public Health Agencies, Philanthropic Agencies, Welfare Workers, etc. Committee
SUBSERIES 10.227 Relation of the Academy to Philanthropic Agencies, Welfare Workers, etc. Committee
SUBSERIES 10.228 Relation of the American Academy of Pediatrics to Philanthropic, Welfare, & Health & Similar agencies Committee
SUBSERIES 10.229 Research Committee
SUBSERIES 10.230 Residency Fellows Committee
SUBSERIES 10.231 Residency Fellows Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.232 Residency Scholarships Committee
SUBSERIES 10.233 Resident Section
SUBSERIES 10.234 Resource-Based Relative Value Scale Project Advisory Committee Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.235 Revision of the Pharmacopoeia Committee
SUBSERIES 10.236 Rheumatology Section
SUBSERIES 10.237 School Health Section
SUBSERIES 10.238 Scientific Exhibits Committee
SUBSERIES 10.239 Scientific Meetings Committee
SUBSERIES 10.240 Senior Members Section
SUBSERIES 10.241 Simulation and Innovative Learning Method Section
SUBSERIES 10.242 Sports Medicine Committee
SUBSERIES 10.243 Sports Medicine and Fitness Section
SUBSERIES 10.244 Sports Medicine and Fitness Committee
SUBSERIES 10.245 Standards of Child Health Care Committee
SUBSERIES 10.246 Standards of Child Health Care Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.247 State Government Affairs Committee
SUBSERIES 10.248 State Legislation Provisional Committee
SUBSERIES 10.249 State on Government Affairs Committee
SUBSERIES 10.250 Study Insurance and Prepaid Medical Care Plans Special Committee
SUBSERIES 10.251 Subcommittee on the Committee on National Defense Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.252 Substance Abuse Committee
SUBSERIES 10.253 Substance Abuse Task Force
SUBSERIES 10.254 Substance Use and Prevention Committee
SUBSERIES 10.255 Surgery Section
SUBSERIES 10.256 Telehealth Care Section
SUBSERIES 10.257 Therapeutics and General Therapeutic Procedures Committee
SUBSERIES 10.258 Third Party Programs Committee
SUBSERIES 10.259 Tobacco Control Section
SUBSERIES 10.260 Transport Medicine Section
SUBSERIES 10.261 Uniformed Services Section
SUBSERIES 10.262 Urinary Tract Infections Subcommittee
SUBSERIES 10.263 Urology Section
SUBSERIES 10.264 Young Physicians Section
SUBSERIES 10.265 Youth Committee
SERIES 11 Programs, Projects, and Initiatives
SERIES 12 International and Global Child Health

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