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​Charles U. Lowe Papers Finding Aid



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Title: Charles U. Lowe Papers Finding Aid
Dates: 1960 – 1992, bulk 1966 - 1978
Physical Description: 4.5 Linear feet
Language(s): English

Summary: The bulk of the collection contains original manuscripts authored by Dr Charles U. Lowe for use in publications, speeches and lectures from his time at the University of Florida Gainesville and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Each manuscript folder also includes related papers collected by Dr Lowe. These related papers include correspondence, research, hand-written notes, charts, presentation slides and images, reprints, brochures, programs, clippings and promotional pieces. In addition, the collection holds papers from grants, organizations, meeting materials and a few photographs found in the files maintained by Dr Lowe.

Administrative Information

Provenance: Gift from Stephen Lowe in 2012.
Information about Access: The collection is open without restriction.
Ownership & Copyright: The collection is the physical property of the Gartner Pediatric History Center. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns.
Processing Note: The collection was received and labeled in 2012. At that time, it appears a group of AAP related materials were removed and integrated into the AAP Archives. The collection was formerly processed in 2019, and a detailed inventory was created for the manuscript series. The remaining records found to be related to the AAP were left intact but digitized. These digital files were added to the AAP Archives.

Biographical Note

Dr Charles Upton Lowe was born in Pelham, New York in 1921. He attended Harvard College and Yale Medical School. While Chief Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital he discovered oculo-cerebro-renal (OCRL) syndrome, also known as Lowe Syndrome. He held positions at the University of Minnesota, the University of Buffalo New York, the Virus Research Laboratory at Cambridge University England, the University of Florida Gainesville, and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD.) He passed away in 2012 at the age of 90.

Collection Contents

10 Boxes, 7 Series

Series 1: Manuscripts 1966 – 1992

  • Subseries 1.01: Authored by Charles U. Lowe
    • Boxes 1 – 6 hold 68 folders, See Manuscript Inventory
  • Subseries 1.02: Other authors
    • Box 7 holds 5 folders
  • Subseries 1.03: Oversize
    • Box 9 holds 9 folders, See Manuscript Inventory

Series 2: Grant Papers 1964 – 1976

  • Box 7 holds 7 folders related to a research grant for Cystic Fibrosis of the Pancreas and a grant for primitive earth synthesis of amino acids and polypeptides, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Series 3: Letters to the Editor 1969 – 1977

  • Box 8 holds 5 folders containing notes, correspondence, and clippings from Dr Lowes submissions to Letters to the Editor

Series 4: Meeting Materials 1967 – 1992, bulk 1968

  • Box 8 holds 17 folders including programs, agendas, correspondence and reports from meetings attended by Dr Lowe

Series 5: Notes 1967 – 1970

  • Box 8 holds 3 folders of notes written by Dr Lowe

Series 6: Organization Groups 1960 – 1968

  • Box 9 holds 1 folder from Institute for Study of Evolutionary Processes (INSTEP) papers 1960 – 1965, 8 folders from Medical Experiment in Extension of Childcare (MEEC) papers 1965 – 1968, and 1 folder from the Scientific Advisory Board of the Human Development Center papers 1965 - 1968

Series 7: Photographs 1966, 1975

  • Box 9 holds 1 folder of a photograph showing Dr Lowe holding John F. Kennedy plaque circa 1966 and 1 folder of photographs of Dr Robert W. Berliner at a dinning event circa 1975
Box 1 
Folder 1
"Medical Experiment in Childcare: An Alternative Method for Providing Comprehensive Medical Care for Children," March 14, 1966
Folder 2 and 3"Public Policy and Child Care" Third Annual John F. Kennedy Memorial Lecture, December 9, 1966
Folder 4
"Nutrition, Child Care and Public Policy," February 2, 1968
Folder 5"Pediatrics: Proper Utilization of Children as Research Subjects," 1968
Folder 6 and  7"Child Health and Public Policy" Grover Powers Memorial Lecture, March 26, 1968
Box 2 
Folder 8"Statement by Charles Upton Lowe, MD, Chairman of the Committee on Nutrition American Academy of Pediatrics before the Committee on Agriculture House of Representatives," April 24, 1969
Folder 9"Child Care: A National Challenge" American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting, October 20, 1969; Also includes An International Study of Health Expenditure and its Relevance for Health Planning
Folder 10"The Clinician's View. The Implications of Nutrition Surveillance for Child Health in the United States" 97th Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, November 10-14, 1969
Folder 11 and 12"Cystic Fibrosis of the Pancreas" chapter contribution for Barnett Pediatrics 15th Edition, 1970
Folder 13"Opportunities for Research in Teratology: The Viewpoint of a Non-Expert," May 21, 1970
Folder 14"Statement by Charles Upton Lowe, MD, before the Democratic Study Group Task Force on Food and Agriculture and On Consumer Affairs House of Representatives," September 18, 1970
Folder 15"Statement by Charles Upton Lowe, MD, before the Joint Hearing Subcommittee on Children and Youth and Subcommittee on Employment, Manpower and Poverty," May 25, 1971
Folder 16"The Responsibility of a Professional Society" American Society for Clinical Nutrition Presidential Address, May 1, 1971
Folder 17"Research in Infant Nutrition: The Untapped Well" Joint Symposium American Federation for Clinical Research and the Society for Pediatric Research, May 1, 1971 (also see Box OS)
Folder 18"The Role of Government in Implementing Good Nutritional Practice," June 1971
Folder 19"National Nutrition Survey as Viewed by a Nutritionist" Symposium American Public Health Association, October 12, 1971
Box 3 
Folder 20 "Child Health and Federal Care Programs" Charles U. Lowe and Duane F. Alexander, 1972-1973
Folder 21 and 22"The Quality of Life for Children, USA" AMA National Congress on the Quality of Life, March 22, 1972
Folder 23"Health Care of Poor Children" and "The Federal Role in Child Health Care" October 1972
Folder 24"Child Health in America: A Status Report" Charles U. Lowe and Duane F. Alexander, 1973
Folder 25"Pediatric Aspects: From the Embryo through Adolescence, Special Susceptibility and Exposure," 1973
Box 4 
Folder 26-28"Analyses of the Effects of Weight Gain During Pregnancy and Prepregnancy Weight on the Birth Weight of Infants" Samuel W. Greenhouse and Charles U. Lowe, 1973
Folder 29 and 30"Non-therapeutic Research on Children: An Ethical Dilemma," Charles U. Lowe, Duane Alexander, and Barbara Mishkin, 1973
Folder 31"Opportunities for Research on Aging," Program Projection for the Gerontology Research Center Baltimore, February 4, 1974
Folder 32"The National Amniocentesis Registry," 1974
Folder 33"The Safety and Accuracy of Mid-Trimester Amniocentesis" NICHD Amniocentesis Registry, 1974
Folder 34"On Legislating Fetal Research" National Symposium on Genetics and the Law, May 20, 1975
Folder 35 and 36"Report on Research on the Fetus to the Secretary Department of Health, Education, and Welfare by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research," May 21, 1975
Folder 37"Remarks by Dr Charles U. Lowe" 68th Annual Convention of the National Asthma Center, July 19, 1975
Box 5 
Folder 38"Science Fiction or Non-Fiction" Trial Magazine November/December 1975
Folder 39"The National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research" Charles U. Lowe and Barbara Mishkin, 1975 - 1976
Folder 40"Health Complications of Adolescent Fertility" First Interhemispheric Conference on Adolescent Fertility, August 31-September 4, 1976
Folder 41 and 42"A Proposal for New Federal Leadership in Maternal and Child Healthcare in the United States" the National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions, February-March 1977
Folder 42"In a Multitude of Counselors There is Safety," April 1977
Folder 43"New Options and Opportunities in School Health," May 1977
Folder 44 and 45"Health Opportunities in Schools" National School Health Conference, May 1977
Folder 46"Issues and Action for Child Health" Semi-annual Meeting of the Connecticut Health Association, June 1977
Folder 47"Presentation to Congressional Colloquy on Maternal and Infant Nutrition," September 1977
Folder 48"Issues and Action for Child Health" Semi-annual Meeting of the Connecticut Health Association, June 1977
Folder 49"Some Future Directions in Pediatrics," October 1977
Folder 50"Some Thoughts on Ambulatory Health Care for Children" Ambulatory Pediatric Association, October 1977
Box 6 
Folder 51"Fighting Unplanned Parenthood and Venereal Disease: the Federal Battle Plan" Annual Meeting Connecticut Health Association, November 1977
Folder 52"New Perspective in Child Health" Conference on Tomorrow's Children Today, March 1978
Folder 53"Research Findings and Issues in School-Age Parenthood" Region III HEW Conference on School-Age Parenthood, April 1978
Folder 54"The Reproductive Health Needs of Adolescents" MCH/CC Region IV Spring Conference, April 1978
Folder 55"Health Problems of Youth" Meeting of National Commission on Youth, April 1978
Folder 56"Coordinated Approaches to the Special Health Needs of Different Groups: Adolescence" Council on Foundations, May 1978
Folder 57"Adolescent Health: Issues and Problems" Seminar on Services to Teens Region II Family Planning, May 1978
Folder 58"Adolescent Health: Issues and Problems" Meeting of North Carolina Public Health Association, September 1978
Folder 59"Clinical Day in Honor of Erika Buck, MD" Children's Hospital of Buffalo, September 1978
Folder 60"Adolescent Health Services: The Unmet Needs" Annual Meeting Chapter I New York American Academy of  Pediatrics, October 1978
Folder 61"A Gift, An Obligation" manuscript for film introduction American Academy of Pediatrics, October 1978
Folder 62"Perspectives on Child Health and the International Year of the Child," December 1978
Folder 63"Consensus Development Program: Theory, Process and Critique" National Center for Administrative Justice, April 1981
Folder 64 and 65"Change Agent" R.C. Philips Research and Education Unit Lecture Series University of Florida School of Medicine, January 1990 and slide of Lowe's Syndrome
Folder 66 - 68"Poverty, the Future, and Child Health: A testable model to explain black low birthweight" Child Health 2000 World Congress and Exposition on Child Health, February 1992
Box 10 Oversize 
Folder 69Proposal for a National Plan to Improve Maternal and Child Health Care notes 1967
Folder 70Science and Public Policy: Nutrition manuscript 1967
Folder 71Letter to the editor of Pediatrics with notes 1969
Folder 72"Modification of Human Metabolism: A Challenge and an Opportunity" manuscript and notes, 1969
Folder 73"Research in Infant Nutrition: The Untapped Well" notes 1971
Folder 74"Pediatric Aspects: from the Embryo through Adolescence" notes 1973
Folder 75National Academy of Science Forum notes 1974
Folder 76Progeria notes, circa 1967-1992
Folder 77Unidentified notes, circa 1967-1992

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