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Beside Every Successful Pediatrician is a Very Skilled Practice Manager

The Pediatric Practice Managers Alliance (PPMA) is a subcommittee of the Section on Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM) created to empower pediatric practice administrators and managers to overcome many of the day-to-day challenges of running a medical practice. By using the collective knowledge and available resources of pediatric practice managers around the country, the PPMA can help medical groups to become more effective, efficient and profitable.


Members of the PPMA have access to the brightest minds in pediatric practice management, the most creative and effective techniques to improve profitability, up-to-date information on healthcare related issues, as well as many educational opportunities to help practice managers or administrators grow professionally. Some of the resources available to PPMA members include:

  • Access to the Practice Transformation Web Site: an online resource with hundreds of articles, resources, guidelines and protocols on how to manage a practice.

  • Webinars that address current and relevant practice management issues. For example, health insurance, contract negotiation techniques and physician compensation models are just a couple of topics that have been presented in the past.

  • Access to the PPMA and/or SOAPM LISTSERVs, an electronic mailing list of medical group practice managers and pediatricians, which is used to share practice management and administrative ideas. Members can post questions to the listserv and obtain free consulting advice as well as other resources such as forms, protocols or advertising ideas. The PPMA Listserv has an Online Archive,​ which can be accessed by following the instructions.**

    **NOTE: Typically, new members are processed at the beginning of each month (around the 1st), and therefore, would be added to the listserv at such time. Should members wish to be added sooner, a request must be sent here.​

  • Opportunities for networking with hundreds of ​other pediatric practice managers from around the country. Being linked to like-minded practice managers, one is able to better recognize, create and even act upon business opportunities and cultivate productive relationships.

  • ​Newsletters written by PPMA members on various practice management topics.

Who Can Join

Membership to the PPMA is open to all practice managers by joining the SOAPM as an affiliate member. To download a copy of the brochure, click her​e​.

Join Now

To apply for membership to the PPMA click here​.

NOTE: Me​mbership to the PPMA will also require the following documents to be submitted:

​If you have any questions, contact AAP staff here​.

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