About the Section on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

​Sec​tion on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine​​

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​About U​s

​​The Section supports the goals of the American Academy of Pediatrics to maintain and improve the quality of health care to children. It is the voice of pediatric anesthesia for the pediatric community and the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is the primary means to convey issues about the quality of health for children relevant to anesthesiology on behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics and through the Academy to government agencies.

The Section educates pediatricians and other medical and surgical specialists in anesthesia-related issues as they apply to infants and children. It actively participates in the Academy's educational programs to familiarize its members with anesthesia-related issues as they apply to children up to 21 years of age.

The Section encourages the participation of its membership in the advancement of the clinical practice of pediatric anesthesia, which includes anesthesia for surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures, as well as the relief of pain, by serving as a forum for the presentation of research projects, either recently completed or in progress, and seminars and conferences that serve that purpose.​​​

​Benefits of Membership

Advocacy for Children
Most professional organizations limit their activities to addressing the needs of their members. The Academy, however, focuses its efforts and resources on the needs of children. Through legislative efforts, public and professional education, policy development, and research, the Academy is working to ensure that our children and our society have a bright future.

Professional Recognition and Development
The Academy is a national organization that recognizes and supports pediatric subspecialties. The needs of children and their caretakers often get lost in larger, adult-based societies. The Academy is often a vehicle for validating expertise in these particular fields.

Networking Opportunities
The Academy is an effective "home" for the entire field of pediatrics. General pediatricians, sub-boarded and double-boarded medical specialists, and pediatric surgeons all contribute their expertise to promoting the health and well-being of children and the pediatric profession. This provides an opportunity to network and build relationships with the entire spectrum of child care providers. AAP members also have the opportunity to interact with pediatricians at the local level through the Chapter structure.​

Quality Education
Many medical specialists enjoy "coming home" to their pediatric roots at AAP Annual Meetings and Spring Sessions. Many sections host cutting-edge scientific abstract presentations that appeal to their specialty members as well as the Academy at large. Section members propose educational programs that familiarize general pediatricians with specialty issues as they apply to children up to 21 years of age. And cross-specialty programs provide general pediatricians and other medical and surgical specialists with the opportunity to participate in quality, multidisciplinary education.​

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