Message from the Chair

​Sec​tion on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine​

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Message from the Chair

Chairperson’s Report – Raeford Brown, MD, FAAP

One of my goals for the Section on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (SOA) during my time as Chair has been to communicate to all of our colleagues, within and outside the practice of pediatric medicine, the expertise and commitment of the AAP and the SOA. We have within our midst many recognized authorities in pediatric anesthesiology, pediatric pain medicine, and critical care. Historically, the Section has used its expertise to focus attention on elevating the standards of perioperative care for infants, the provision of safe sedation for every child, and the safe and effective management of acute and chronic pain in pediatric patients. Recently, we have extended our message to the protection of all children including the plight of immigrants, and the horrors of gun violence, in line with the strong message from the Academy. That we have extended our interests and our work to the broader aspects of child safety reflects our maturity as an organization. I view with some pride the work of many in our midst for the good of all children. The Academy owes its success to the substantial work of the members of sections such as ours. The Section owes its success to our members and to our affiliation with colleagues in the AAP; together we have produced a strong message spoken from our hearts.

Section on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine – Joint Meeting with SPA in Houston

As a co-sponsor of the joint spring meeting, the Section will be in the limelight from first to last. The Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine (SPPM) meeting will start Thursday with a discussion of the problems associated with opioids in children and adolescents. I will kick off with a brief review of the science that suggests an increased sensitivity of adolescents to opioid use and abuse. During the general session on Friday we will present the AAP Advocacy Lecture on Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and will also present the Robert M. Smith Award to Dr. Nancy Glass.

The SOA @ the AAP's National Conference and Exhibition – October 2019 in New Orleans

The SOA has the distinct honor this fall to host the AAP's Pediatrics-for-the-21st Century (Peds-21) program at the 2019 National Conference and Exhibition (NCE), which will take place in October in New Orleans. Peds-21 is an annual half-day educational program at the National Conference designed to address issues that are actively impacting the practice of pediatrics and pediatric care. The 2019 program will occur on Friday, October 25, and is titled: Opioids Through the Ages – Caring for Children and Families in the Wake of the Opioid Crisis. For the tentative Peds-21 schedule and for detailed information about the Call for Abstracts, which is now open, see page 6. In addition to Peds-21, the SOA will co-sponsor two other programs at the 2019 NCE, one with the Section on Hospital Medicine titled "Pediatric Pain Management for Hospitalists: A Life Course Perspective" and one with the Section on Integrative Medicine and the Section on International Child Health titled "Integrative Approaches to Pain: Non-pharmacologic, non-invasive options amid the opioid crisis." 

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