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​Awards ​& ​Grants

​Learn more about the awards offered through the Section on Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.

    Research Fellowship Award


    ​Pediatric Cardiology Research Fellowship Award

    $35,000 Aw​​​ard

    The Section on Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery is pleased to announce the availability of the 2019-20 Research Fellowship Award, made possible by an educational grant from the Children’s Heart Foundation. The purpose of the Award is to promote understanding of cardiovascular disease in children. The grant will provide research support for an individual who has demo​nstrated aptitude for basic science or clinical science research during their pediatric cardiology fellowship. Trainees in an accredited U.S. pediatric cardiology or cardiovascular surgical training program are eligible. The Section has offered a Research Fellowship Award since 1990. The award recipient is selected in the winter and begins the fellowship in July of the award year. The results of the fellow's research are presented during the Section on Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery's program at the National Conference and Exhibition (Annual Meeting) the following year. The award represents a tremendous opportunity for junior faculty in pediatric cardiology to gain research experience.​​

    Click here to download 2019-2020 Research Fellowship Award​ application

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    Click here to download 2019-2020 Research Fellowship Award​ guidelines

    Grant Timetable

    April 8​, 2019

    Deadline for receipt of application​​​

    June 2019

    Notification to Investigator and Institution

    July 1, 2019

    Initiation of the Award

    October 2019

    Presentation of Award at the National Conference & Exhibition - New Orleans

    July 1, 2020

    Termination of the Award

    August 1, 2020

    Scientific Progress Report due 

    August 31, 2020

    Final Financial Report due

    October 2020

    Presentation of research results at the National Conference & Exhibition - San Diego

    Award Recipients

    Joshua Kurtz, MD, FAAP, Medical University of South Carolina - Detecting the Pathophysiology that Drives Fontan-Associated Liver Disease

    Jessica Garbern, MD, FAAP, Boston Children’s Hospital - Maturation of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

    Andrew L. Cheng, MD, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, "Effects of Hemorheology on Flow in the Fontan Circulation"

    Shahryar Chowdhury, MD, "Investigating the Racial Disparities in Cardiovascular Risk"

    Stephanie J. Nakano, MD, University of Colorado, "Regulation of Phosphodiesterase Activity in Pediatric Heart Failure "

    Katja M. Gist, DO, University of Colorado, "Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy for the Early Detection of Acute Kidney Disease in Children Post Cardiopulmonary Bypass "​​​

    Early Career Research Grant

    $50,000 Grant

    ​​The AAP Section on Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery, supported by the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation, is offering a pediatric cardiomyopathy research grant. The Pediatric Cardiomyopathy Award is awarded to an early career pediatric cardiologist (within five years of fellowship) to advance medical knowledge on the causes and mechanism of pediatric cardiomyopathy and to develop diagnostic guidelines and targeted therapies. The Pediatric Cardiomyopathy Early Career Award provides up to a $50,000 stipend to reward the recipient for his or her research efforts. Funding requests are limited to US $50,000 total (direct costs only) for a one-year period.​ 

    Click here to download the 2019-2020 Early Career Award Application.
    Click here to download the 2019-2020 Early Career Award Guidelines.
    Click here to submit completed application and documents.

    ​​Grant Timeline

    April 8​​, 2019
    ​Deadline for receipt of application
    ​June 2019
    ​Notification to Applicant and Institution
    ​July 1, 2019
    ​Initiation of the Award
    ​October 2019
    Presentation of Award at the National Conference & Exhibition – New Orleans
    ​July 1, 2020
    ​Termination of the Award
    ​August 1, 2020
    ​Scientific Progress Report due
    ​August 31, 2020
    ​Final Financial Report due
    ​October 2020
    ​Presentation of research results at the National Conference & Exhibition – San Diego 

    Award Recipients


    Meghna D. Patel, MD, FAAP, Stanford University Immunologic Profiling Correlated to Outcomes in Pediatric Heart Failure Patients After Left Ventricular Assist Device Placement

    Young Investigator Award

    Young Investigator Awards are awarded to the best scientific abstracts presented at the National Conference & Exhibition meeting in clinical research and basic science categories. $800 awards are given for best content and presentation within 3 categories:

    • ​Medical students/residents

    • Training fellows

    • Junior faculty within 5 years of their faculty appointment.

    Abstract Submission due April 8th

    Founders Award

    The Founders Award (named after the "founders" of the Section) recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of pediatric cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.

    2016Robert Beekman, MD
    2015Michael D. Freed, MD
    2014Macdonald Dick, MD
    2013William W. Pinsky, MD
    2012William Galbraith Williams, MD
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