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​S​ection on Hospice and Palliative Medicine

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​About Us


The AAP Section on Hospice and Palliative Medicine strives to ensure that all children with hospice and palliative care needs and their families have access to and receive the highest possible quality of care regardless of where they live.​


Children with life-threatening and/or life-limiting conditions and their families meet their challenges with a minimum of pain and the highest possible degree of support from the healthcare community.

Pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists are able to recognize children who will benefit from palliative care, and have the knowledge and skill to provide palliative care or to secure referral to colleagues who will provide outstanding palliative care.

Core Values

We believe:​
  • Children with severe health conditions and their families deserve to have pain and suffering minimized;    

  • Children near the end of life and their families deserve compassion and support;

  • Despite the best efforts to save the lives of children, some will inevitably die;

  • Every pediatrician, in partnership with other healthcare providers and supporters, is capable of addressing the needs of children with life-limiting and/or life-threatening conditions, and their families, through personal knowledge and skill or by providing proper referral, treatment, and follow up.


    Strengthen the organizational infrastructure of the Section on Hospice and Palliative Medicine
    • Achieve permanent section status
    • Increase the number of section members and their active involvement in the section
    • Formalize relationships and develop action plans to implement with key partner organizations​
    Educate and provide tools/resources for children affected by potentially life-threatening conditions, their parents, and other family members

    • Develop and/or disseminate quality educational materials and resources for families​

    Educate and provide clinical and administrative tools and resources relevant to hospice and palliative medicine for pediatricians and other members of the health care team

    • ​Promote the concept, definition, and role of pediatric palliative care within the profession of pediatrics and among other stakeholders
    • Develop, present and promote quality professional educational programming and/or materials related to pediatric hospice and palliative medicine clinical practice, education and program administration
    • Develop and launch a Web site that serves as a portal for hospice and palliative medicine information and resources for pediatricians, allied health professionals and families
    Establish policy and standards of practice for pediatric hospice and palliative medicine

    • ​Develop and publish or endorse essential benchmark policies and guidelines regarding clinical practice, education, program development, funding, and research over the next 3 years
    • Advance critical pediatric hospice and palliative medicine legislation​
    Increase the pipeline of trainees, who pursue hospice and palliative medicine (HPM) skill and knowledge, both as complementary competency and as a career, including participation in HPM fellowships

    • ​Assess and develop a plan to meet the HPM educational needs of medical students, residents and fellows
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