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The Section on Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Med-Peds) was founded in February of 1997. An Initial interest group was formed with the American College of Physicians (ACP) in April of 1995, and a second at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in October of 1995. The latter attracted 18 practitioners and 4 residents and provided the opportunity to discuss organizational options.  A questionnaire was developed, soliciting suggested goals for a Med-Peds physicians associations, needs from the organization and suggested educational topics. 

One year later, at the April ACP meeting, a review of the literature of Med-Peds was distributed along with a descriptive handout about Med-Peds targeted to patients. The attendees unanimously voted in favor of forming a Med-Peds Section with the AAP. The AAP was chosen as the parent organization because its existing section structure provided the construction and the bylaws adaptable to the needs of a Med-Peds organization. 

The Section on Med-Peds is committed to advocacy, education, improving communication and research related to the practice and training of physicians in combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. From the survey, three dominant goals for the association were identified:

  • A forum to communicate with other Med-Peds physicians, including a directory and listings of job opportunities, and the opportunity to exchange ideas pertinent to training and practice. Many people listed this as networking.

  • An organization to support Med-Peds physicians and represent them to other organizations, including academic organizations, the Boards, insurers, hospitals regarding privileging, and health care policy makers. Many people listed this as advocacy for the special interests unique to Med-Peds.

  • A public relations campaign to increase awareness of Med-Peds amongst the general public, patients, med students, and other physicians. 

To this day, the Section continues to be dedicated to promoting and enhancing the practice of physicians trained in both specialties.  In addition, the Section serves in a consulting capacity to the AAP Board of Directors on programs, policy statements and other matters related to Med-Peds.

The Section on Med-Peds executive committee meets at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics each fall and the American College of Physicians each spring. The Section presents educational programs at the annual meetings for the benefit of Med-Peds practitioners and the general membership of each organization.

The Section on Med-Peds serves as an organizational resource to its members, the AAP, and the ACP. It maintains active liaison relationships with the Med-Peds Program Directors Association and the Resident Section of the AAP, with members from each sitting on the executive committee.  Establishment of joint membership and liaison relationships with other key and pertinent organizations is a specific goal of the Section.

The Section on Med-Peds has standing committees devoted to executing the goals of the Section.  Among these are: Advocacy & Membership; Communications & Publications; Academics; Practice; Program Planning; Student, and Resident & Young Physician.

Membership in the Section on Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics is open to all members of the AAP with an interest in Med-Peds. The Section does not recruit affiliate members or Specialty Fellows at this time.  Currently the Section has over 2800 members.​

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